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Review: Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Side of the Moon (Dark-Hunter #10, Were-Hunter #5) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Susan Michaels was once the hottest reporter on the Beltway Beat until a major scandal ruined her life and left her writing stories about alien babies and Elvis sightings. Life as she once knew it is over, or so she thinks, but then she gets a lead on a story that could salvage her extinct career. She heads to the local animal shelter, expecting a hot news tip, which she gets in the form of a major police cover-up ... for a ring of soul-sucking vampires out to take over Seattle. So much for saving her credibility.

And if that isn't bad enough, she gets talked into adopting a cat and finds she's allergic to it. A cat that turns out to be a shapeshifter who claims to be an immortal vampire slayer on the prowl for the same corrupt cops. her first thought: seek professional help.

But as Susan's drawn into Ravyn's dark and dangerous world, she comes to realize that there's a lot more at stake than just her defunct career. Now it's no longer a question of bringing the truth to her readers; it's a matter of saving their very lives and souls.

Ravyn's life was shattered over four hundred years ago, when he mistakenly trusted the wrong human with the truth of his existence. He lost his family, his honor, and his life. Now, in order to save the people of Seattle, he's forced to confront that nightmare all over again, and to trust another woman with the secret that could destroy him.

In the world of the Dark-Hunters, life is always dangerous. But never more so than now, when a very human woman can shatter their entire world with just one story. The only question is ... will she?
My Thoughts: *stares* *stares some more* Holy crud, A LOT of things happen here. A LOT. We get to see an oddly noble side of Stryker, Nick makes his (not so) triumphant return, and the wheels are set in motion for some BIG things down the line. Not going to lie, Nick's part in this story kind of slayed me. His anger at Ash and how that one moment in time changed him from an laid back, slightly sarcastic guy into someone who is willing to strike out at his former best friend the way he does... *weeps* Poor Nick.

But this isn't Nick's story. This is Ravyn and Susan's. And they pretty much rock. I love how Susan had the badass fighter thing going for her. I admire a girl who can kick ass with the best of them. Ravyn... well, the family dynamics going on in the background were pretty awful and the fact that he had to deal with all the things he dealt with on his own ... the guy deals well. All things considered.

The background characters are (as always) stellar. We finally get to see how Stryker and his Daimons always know the worst possible time to attack. Stryker's plan to take over Seattle, I have to admit that it was pretty ingenious. He's one of them that I love to hate. The fact that he does have that streak of fair play despite his overwhelming desire to spill Dark-Hunter blood -- and Ash's blood in particular -- makes him *somewhat* sympathetic at times. Somewhat. At times. I still love to hate him, though.

The reread's still going strong! The world of the Dark-Hunters continues to expand and I'm loving it all over again!

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