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Review: Donovan's Struggle by Rosalind Scarlett

Donovan's Struggle (Anam Céile Chronicles) by Rosalind Scarlett
Synopsis (Goodreads):
“How am I to be the man I have determined to be fer her when the lusciousness of her curves tempt me endlessly?”

Donovan O’Connor has been in love with feisty redheaded Aislinn MacAuliffe since the first time he laid eyes on her— when they were both just practically children. Nonetheless, he told himself to forget about it, never imagining she would ever actually feel the same for him. Now she does and even more unbelievably, she is his! What can he do to prove himself worthy of her love?

To overcome his past, he has sworn to do everything right by her, including not robbing her of her virginity before they are wed. If he can do only one thing right in his life, he will do this. But Aislinn is making it harder on him by the day, forever enticing him as no suitable lady should. When they are caught in a heavy thunderstorm and must seek shelter— and shed their soaked clothes— will he be able to maintain his fortitude or will her provoking and his overwhelming desire for her get the better of him?

Donovan's Struggle is an Erotic Novella focusing on an individual character from Cailín, Book I of the Anam Céile Chronicles, a series which centers around true love, soul mates, self-discovery, loss, vampires, lust, and the faith in reincarnation set in the lush backdrops of rugged Ireland, beautiful, culturally rich Italy and Florence, amongst others.
My Thoughts: This story was a lot less naughty than Giuliana's story (because that lady pretty much does EVERYTHING) but it still scored high on the hotness index. In fact, Donovan and Aislinn veer heavily toward sweet in the romance department while still dipping into the sexy. As it turns out, I am a big fan of the sexy. WHO KNEW?!?

I will say that it took a little longer to fall into Donovan's world that it did with Giuliana. I think this was mostly because of his speech patterns. It took a bit to get into the rhythm of his "me" for "my" and whatnot. In the long run, it didn't distract too much but it did slow down my immediate immersion in this world.

That said, I enjoyed the book. It's fast. It's naughty. It's sweet. There's a touch of mystery to what happens that I found intriguing. I liked that Aislinn wasn't concerned about the conventions that were expected of a young lady in that day and age. I also liked that Donovan was just as determined to do right by her and wait for their wedding night before having his wicked way with her.

Short, sweet, and nicely naughty. *thumbs up*

The Anam Céile Chronicles
1. Cailín
2. Soeis
The Submission of Giuliana
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