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Mythical by C.E. Martin [Review]

Mythical (Stone Soldiers #1) by C.E. Martin
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: June 8, 2013

Stone Soldiers
1. Mythical - Paperback | Kindle
2. Brothers in Stone
3. Blood and Stone
4. Shades of War

C.E. Martin
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
In a world of magic and monsters, where the superheroes have all retired, the United States depends on the men and women of Detachment 1039 to protect America from the paranormal. Unfortunately, the Detachment’s entire squad of Stone Soldiers, and their leader, have been killed.

Colonel Mark Kenslir wakes up in the Arizona desert, his mortal wounds healed, but with no memory of who killed him. With the help of the teens who found him, Kenslir eventually remembers his last mission: stop a shapeshifter that has been ripping out and consuming the hearts of victims.

Without any weapons, without any support, Kenslir sets out to avenge his men and stop the shapeshifter.
My Thoughts: I must admit that I liked the mythology woven into the world here. Colonel Kenslir's abilities are intriguing and his backstory is one that I want to hear in its entirety. Flat out, what he can do as a Stone Soldier makes him cool. But he's more than just a Stone Soldier. MORE!

On the bad guy front, Kenslir's memory loss made it difficult to figure out who was a good guy and who was a bad guy at first. As he started to remember more and more, things became clear but there was a time when it didn't seem safe to trust ANYONE. I like not knowing which way is up like that.

Meanwhile, Jessie and Jimmy's unexpected involvement in this mission adds another level of fun. Well, not fun so much as another level of complication. With them being non-paranormal teen civilians, they're in danger of being seriously injured in the fight against the shapeshifter. Speaking of which, I kind of loved the reasoning behind why the shapeshifter was doing what he/it was doing. I just liked it.

Fun with enough twisted mythology to keep things interesting. This book ended with a handful of plot threads that book 2 will undoubtedly pick up. That's right, things happened. And they're going to keep on happening. I like that.

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