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Pia Saves the Day by Thea Harrison [Review]

Pia Saves the Day by Thea Harrison
Pia Saves the Day (Elder Races #6.6) by Thea Harrison
Format: ebook
Source: provided through NetGalley
Date read: June 3, 2014

Elder Races
1. Dragon Bound
2. Storm's Heart
3. Serpent's Kiss
3.5. True Colors
4. Oracle's Moon
4.5. Natural Evil
4.6. Devil's Gate
4.7. Hunter's Season
5. Lord's Fall
5.5. The Wicked
6. Kinked
6.5. Dragos Takes a Holiday
6.6. Pia Saves the Day - Paperback | Kindle
6.7. Peanut Goes to School
7. Night's Honor

Thea Harrison
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
In the latest story of the Elder Races, two mates face their deadliest challenge yet—each other…

Pia and Dragos’s magical young son Liam (the Peanut), is growing at an unprecedented rate, and if that isn’t enough, he is also exhibiting new, and unpredictable, magical gifts. To protect him, the concerned parents decide to move to upstate New York.

Both Dragos and Pia relish the idea of leaving behind the city. They finally have the space to indulge their Wyr side, and Liam can grow in safety. It’s a breath of fresh air—literally—but their idyllic situation is shattered when Dragos is injured in a freak accident.

Stripped of his memory and bereft of Pia’s taming influence, there’s nothing holding back Dragos’s darkest side. And in order to restore her family and save her mate, Pia must confront the most powerful menace in Elder Races history.

It’s going to take more than a penny to fix this…
Thoughts on Pia Saves the Day: I've adored Pia and Dragos since their first book. Their relationship has been one of the cornerstone romances of this series and this book tossed that relationship on its ear and shook things up a bit. I'll freely admit I got a little teary while reading it. Pia's desperation and desire to help Dragos got to me. I JUST WANT THOSE TWO TO BE HAPPY!

Dragos's memory loss is both dangerous and heartbreaking. As a powerful Wyr, he could do a lot of damage to innocents without realizing who he's hurting. As Pia's mate, his inability to remember her shatters her. Yet, she has to remain strong for both him and for those who look to them as their leaders. *sniffle* Seriously, her situation slayed me.

We get to see plenty of familiar faces and watch Dragos reconstruct so many of the people and moments we've experienced with him since Pia first stole that penny. Not going to lie, I love revisiting this family and am incredibly excited to read Peanut's story.

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