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Monster Hunter Captured by Agon [Review]

 Monster Hunter Captured by Agon
Monster Hunter Captured by Agon
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 11/21/14
Date read: November 22, 2014

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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Bria and her crew of monster hunters head out for a routine vampire hunt - but when instead they find a powerful, horny Incubus and his collection of female slaves, Bria is forced to fight for her freedom against both the demon's might and her own dark desire.

A light, sexy swords-and-sorcery story starring a formidable group of adventurers and a demonic Master.
Thoughts on Monster Hunter Captured: As those who follow my reviews might have noticed, I like dirty, sexy books starring monsters and/or demons. I like when the monsters are good guys dressed in a scary package and I like when they're bad guys dressed in a terrifyingly sexy package. I just like reading about monsters.

What I'm getting at here is that this book hit the spot.

Bria had the sort of free-spirited, enlightened sexuality that I enjoy in a monster erotica heroine. She's not afraid to enjoy sexy times (whether it's while daydreaming about a human Paladin or teasing her partner) and she's confident in herself. We also have a virginal, impressionable young woman with her who embodies the other side of what I dig in monster sexin'. The "I don't want to want this, but HOLY MOLY THAT DEMON IS HOT!" character.

And, yeah, this demon is one of the pretty, terrifying ones.

Pretty much, this book hit all the points I enjoy in erotica. WITH A SIDE ORDER OF ACTUAL STORY. There's not much more I can ask for, is there?

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