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Body Shrine Omnibus by Amanda Close [Review]

 Body Shrine Omnibus by Amanda Close
Body Shrine Omnibus by Amanda Close
Format: ebook
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Date read: April 13, 2015

Amanda Close
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Dystopian romance and paranormal adventure collide in this wasteland odyssey of vampires, road warriors, and a super-powered sexual predator.

BODY SHRINE (Episode 1)
In a post-apocalyptic world the lone warrior Cassandra must use her supernatural gift, the ability to control life-force energy through sex, and all of her skills as a bounty hunter in an attempt to rescue the daughter of a handsome stranger from certain abuse and death at the hands of a raiding vampire cult and their enigmatic overlord.

Cassandra has remained in the relative safety of Las Vegas for too long, as dark powers and thirsty monsters still stalk the deserts that surround the city. She has a loving husband who accepts her promiscuous nature, her mistress is the mysterious ruler of the city itself, and yet her spirit longs for the dust and violence of the vampire wasteland. Enemies and lovers alike rise to meet her as she returns to the open road.

The Corrupted are coming, an endless horde of shambling nightmares that are heading straight for Las Vegas, driven by the will of an old enemy who refuses to die. Discordia has rallied an army of superheroes and road warriors to join her in defending the city while also seeking to fuel her lover's powers by making their last stand in an ancient temple to sexuality. Cassandra has returned from the wasteland with a secret weapon to help in the battle, though she must learn to unlock the deepest parts of her gift for anyone to have a hope of survival.

Caution: This is a savage tale of graphic sex & violence, containing bisexual, menage, and polyamorous themes not suitable for someone under 18 years of age.
Thoughts on Body Shrine Omnibus: Dark, gritty worldbuilding and a sexually adventurous woman who will use any means to survive make this an intriguing tale.

Body Shrine: The worldbuilding is pretty awesome here. Dark, dangerous, and utterly deranged at times, Cassandra puts herself into the hands of those she hunts to save the daughter of a stranger. My only complaint is that I went back and forth on trying to figure out if Rook WAS a stranger to her or if there was something there I had missed. This is mostly due to Cassandra's weird thrill over sexually betraying him as she screwed her way to freedom from the vampires. I caught on by the end, but it did make me pay close attention as I tried to figure out the dynamics of their relationship. Or their non-relationship. Or the relationship that was only in her head at that point.

Still. Enjoyable and dark.

Vampire Wasteland: While Cassandra is happily married to her man, her Power craves more than he alone can give her. Also, she seems to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie who needs the thrill of fighting the vampires. Also, also, she needs the sex. Bad. So she heads out into the wasteland and finds herself a little chickie to get busy with. This is on top of her clown-faced lover (shudder at the clowns, man. Just... eww.) and her husband. Cassandra is insatiable and she's very good at getting what she wants.

And her new friend was something of a player in the regime Cassandra toppled in part 1.

Naked Goddess: Holy buckets of crazy, batman! That was... intense. People dying all willy-nilly. Sex, sex and more sex. And then one more bout just to top off Cassandra's tank. Because when you're charged up by the sexin', you indulge often. And publicly, at times.

Definitely a kick-ass ending to a dark, brutal story. Cassandra's Power makes her insatiable, but she's not cruel. She loves and she loses. She kills and she gives pleasure. She's a complicated lady. And she's most at home out in the dusty wasteland.

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