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Primal Heat by A.C. Arthur [Review]

 Primal Heat by A.C. Arthur
Primal Heat (The Shadow Shifters #6) by A.C. Arthur
Format: ebook
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Date read: August 6, 2015

The Shadow Shifters
1. Temptation Rising
2. Seduction's Shift
3. Passion's Prey
4. Shifter's Claim
5. Hunger's Mate
6. Primal Heat - Paperback | Kindle

A.C. Arthur
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
In the savage world of the Shadow Shifters, desire can be as dangerous as nature itself…

As guard to the most powerful shifter in the human world, Eli Preston is sworn to protect his leader, defend their alliance, and keep his darker instincts in check. But when a beautiful female trainee arouses his jaguar senses, there is no stopping the beast within. He must have her. Even if it jeopardizes the deadliest mission of his life…

When the heat is on—and the claws come out—the heart is the fiercest hunter…

For six years, Nivea has been waiting for Eli to take her in his arms, unleash his animal urges, and claim her as his mate. But once their passion is unleashed—in a reckless moment of pure unbridled lust—nothing can ever be the same. The battlelines are drawn: man versus animal, shifter versus shifter. And Eli must be prepared to fight for his life—and his love—or he will lose Nivea forever…
Thoughts on Primal Heat: I honestly think I would have liked this book more if I had read ANY of the previous books. As it was, the cast of characters was so large it was hard to follow along with who was who and why they were important to the main plot. On top of that, the bad guy was one that I'm guessing was introduced in an earlier book because he seemed to have a lot of baggage and backstory where the rest of the characters were concerned.

As it was, I was pretty lost as far as the secondary characters went for most of this book. I knew they were important, but I honestly lost track of how they fit into the overall shifter hierarchy. I'm kind of waffling how I feel about both the hero and heroine, too. Eli didn't seem to value Nivea's skills as a guard although she'd been described as being one of the best.

It's hard to like a man who says things that indicate the woman who is nearly as skilled as he is would be better off making time in the kitchen instead of doing the job she was trained for. (For the record, he didn't say THAT, but that was the feeling I got every time he spouted another pithy comment about how she should stay behind.)

Bottom line, I recommend having at least a passing acquaintance with the couples from previous books in this series for maximum enjoyment. I not even sure if this book could be considered a standalone based on that and the politics that drove the plot.

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