Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Perfect Passion by Jodi Redford [Quickie Review]

 Just Desserts
Perfect Passion (Perfect Chemistry) by Jodi Redford
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download on 09/19/15 as part of the Just Desserts bundle
Date read: September 19, 2015

Perfect Chemistry
1. Perfect Chemistry
1.5. Perfect Passion - Kindle
2. Kinky Claus
3. Frisky Business

Jodi Redford
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Sidney Chase knows too well the potent side effects of the infamous Xtacy aphrodisiac elixir. So when Leo and Dev enlist her help with their latest kinky concoction, she’s all too willing to put in the overtime. Because the best perk of working for two sexy chemist geeks? Getting to be their sinful science experiment. And this time the results promise to be just as deliciously wicked.
Thoughts on Perfect Passion: Look at Sidney and her men. Getting ALL into some intense sexy times again. It's hard for a girl to say no when her two hunks offer up aphrodisiac chocolates, isn't it?

A quick peek back into the Perfect Chemistry world. We're given some nicely naughty play, some sweetly attentive men, and a woman who knows she's the luckiest person on the planet. Let's just say those aphrodisiac chocolates get her engine revving. BIG TIME.

(not that she needs it. With Leo and Dev on the job, Sidney's always ready to go.)

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