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Gone Too Deep by Katie Ruggle [Review]

 Gone Too Deep by Katie Ruggle
Gone Too Deep (Search and Rescue #3) by Katie Ruggle
Format: ebook
Source: provided through Netgalley for an honest review
Date read: June 12, 2016

Search and Rescue
0.5. On His Watch
1. Hold Your Breath
2. Fan the Flames
3. Gone Too DeepKindle
4. In Safe Hands

Katie Ruggle
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
In the remote Rocky Mountains, lives depend on the Search & Rescue brotherhood. But in a place this far off the map, trust is hard to come by and secrets can be murder...

George Holloway has spent his life alone, exploring the treacherous beauty of the Colorado Rockies. He's the best survival expert Search and Rescue has, which makes him the obvious choice to lead Ellie Price through deadly terrain to find her missing father. There's just one problem-Ellie's everything George isn't. She's a city girl, charming, gregarious, delicate, small. And when she looks up at him with those big, dark eyes, he swears he would tear the world apart to keep her safe.
With a killer on the loose, he may have no choice.

Ellie's determined to find her father no matter the cost. But as she and her gorgeous mountain of a guide fight their way through an unforgiving wilderness, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a dangerous man in search of revenge. And they are now his prey...
Thoughts on Gone Too Deep: I am so so so so so smitten with this series right now. Even after that zinger of an ending. Or maybe because of it. The point is I want MOAR and I want it now. So, yeah. Be warned.

Alright. Let's do this.

George. I like George. Heck, I more than like him. The guy is big and silent and totally someone a clueless city girl would want on her side in the wilderness. To be fair, Ellie might be clueless when it comes to surviving the great, snowy outdoors, but she's smart and willing to learn. Plus, she's determined. With her father's well-being on the line, she has to be.

Ellie and George are ADORABLE together. And hot. But then, I always go mushy when the big, stoic ones find their special lady friend.

As with the previous books in the series, we get a few more answers in regards to the mystery of the dead body. Some of those answers lead to even more questions. *nods* Trust me, you'll be chomping at the bit for the next book once they get dumped on your lap. Because what? How? Why? I don't believe it.

Needless to say, I'm eagerly awaiting book 4. Because WHAT? I mean, WHAT?!?!

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