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Beauty in Spring by Kati Wilde [Review]

 Beauty in Spring by Kati Wilde
Beauty in Spring (Beauty #1) by Kati Wilde
Format: ebook
Source: borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Date read: September 10, 2018

1. Beauty in SpringKindle
2. Beauty in Summer
3. Beauty in Autumn
4. Beauty in Winter

Kati Wilde
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A beauty unchained…

For ten years Cora Walker has yearned to return to Blackwood Manor…and to her childhood companion, Gideon Blake. But her dream of returning home soon becomes a nightmare—and the fully grown, dangerously sexy Gideon is nothing like the young man she’d loved before.

A beast unleashed…

Cursed by the monster that killed his family, Gideon sacrificed his heart to protect Cora from the beast that lurks beneath his skin. But when she returns and the curse chains her to his side, he only has two choices: to persuade her to marry him though he has stolen her freedom…or die to save her from the beast within.
Thoughts on Beauty in Spring: I am so in love with the characters Kati Wilde creates. Seriously. Doesn't matter what situation they're in, I just adore the depth she gives them. It's GLORIOUS.

This time around, we have Cora and Gideon. She's a young woman returning to her childhood home, hoping to find that the young man she had to leave behind is...well, not waiting for her, exactly. She just wants to know if the connection they forged as children is still there. And, yeah, maybe she is hoping he waited for her.

Turns out he did. But not the way she expected. Because her Gideon is all grown up now and circumstances have left their mark on him. He's more wild than tamed and those childhood promises have grown into something more. Something dark and maybe a little dangerous. Maybe.

I love Beauty and the Beast type stories so I went into it expecting good things. I wasn't disappointed. Not in the least. *draws glittery hearts around these two crazy kids*

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