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Carnal Chemistry by Katie Allen [Review]

Carnal Chemistry by Katie Allen
Carnal Chemistry (Research & Desire #3) by Katie Allen
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 28, 2019

Research & Desire
1. Erotic Experiments
2. Natural Selection
3. Carnal ChemistryKindle
4. Double Dose

Katie Allen (aka Katie Ruggle)
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Thanks to a top-secret government agency, I don't remember everything…but I know I can't go back.

I thought I'd found the perfect place to hide. Wrong. Even though I'm deep undercover, she sees me. The real me. And she wants me.

I'd give anything to build a life with a woman like Lauren Hayes. But with rogue government agents hunting me down, I can't risk getting her involved. Our lust—our love—needs to remain a secret.

Despite our precautions, the men who'll have my hide now have Lauren in their sights. To keep us both alive, I've got to stay focused—and keep my mind off all the wicked, sexy things I've been doing with Lauren Hayes. There's a price on my head, and I won't let her be the one to pay it.
Thoughts on Carnal Chemistry: Foul-mouthed Cal and his honey are up. Heh. I like Cal. He's not the best at staying under the radar (NOT his fault, though, right?), but he's more than able to keep Lauren safe when the chips are down.

Lauren can hold her own against him, too. She doesn't let his terse growls and bossiness cow her. She's all about pushing back and making Cal think in the long term. Also, that bossiness I mentioned? She's kinda okay with it when it's Cal giving the orders. Especially in the bedroom.

That works out for them since Cal likes giving those orders.

I read this book out of order (no idea why, but okay, self!) and I LOVED seeing how gruff, grumbly Cal ended up with his lady. These guys and their special someones are fun to watch. Especially when they're trying to do the relationship thing.

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