Friday, October 8, 2010

Review: Friday's Child - Sexual Healing by Moira Rogers

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
In another place and time, Noelle would have been a whore. On the space station Elysium she’s a healer, a receptive psychic whose ability to bring peace to the mind and heart makes her a valuable and prized companion. With war raging through the galaxy, her skills are needed now more than ever, but the battered men and women who come to her for comfort have left their mark on a soul growing steadily wearier.

Damon Antema is one of his quadron’s most skilled warriors, an elite fighter pilot whose powerful psychic gift makes him a formidable weapon. When an ambush destroys most of his unit, Damon’s mind threatens to shatter under the stress. Losing himself in Noelle and comforting her in return may give him the balance he needs, but letting go of her when it’s time to return to the front lines isn’t nearly so attractive.

The only way to keep from losing the woman who gives him the strength to fight is to convince her there are plenty of people who need her compassion and strength in the midst of battle–starting with him.
My Thoughts: I make no bones about how much I love anything Moira Rogers writes.  Without fail, the characters come alive.  Without fail, I'm totally rooting for the main characters to find a way to make things work.  This story hits all my happy points.

Although the story isn't long, you believe that Noelle and Damon are meant to be together.  you can see how they balance the darkness and emptiness inside one another.  Quite frankly, I'd love to read more set in this universe.

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  1. I've been thinking about reading one of her books. Is this one a erotica?

  2. Well, there's definitely plenty of sex in it. Yes. I'd say yes. She has some free reads at her site if you want to give them a try: