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Her Alien Bodyguard by Mira Maxwell [Review]

 Her Alien Bodyguard by Mira Maxwell
Her Alien Bodyguard (Guards of Attala #1) by Mira Maxwell
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author
Date read: August 3, 2017

Guards of Attala
1. Her Alien Bodyguard Kindle
2. Her Alien Protector
3. Her Alien Commander
4. Her Alien Warrior
5. Her Alien Defender

Mira Maxwell
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Diana Bennet is Earth’s last hope. The brilliant scientist and explorer leads her research team across the galaxy to the snow planet Attala in search of a mysterious compound that can jump start our dying sun.

Attala leaders are honored to host the humans and pledge to give Diana everything she needs. And one thing she doesn’t: the Attalan Guard, an elite group of mate-less warriors tasked with keeping Diana and her team safe in the remote ice mountains.

Diana’s brooding bodyguard, Mallyk, shadows her every move. He’s strong and capable and makes her feel things in places she’s forgotten about, but there’s no time to worry about her D.O.A. love life when the fate of a planet hangs in the balance. Her orders are clear: complete the mission and return to Earth.

Mallyk has other plans. And they all involve getting the feisty adventuress in his giant fur-lined bed. His insatiable lust for the Earth woman has him questioning his role with the Guard and cursing the day he took their oath of celibacy. Will his loyalty to the Guard stop him from claiming his long-awaited mate?
Thoughts on Her Alien Bodyguard: I liked this book overall, but I was a little, teeny-tiny bit turned off by how Diana brushed aside Mal's oaths and basically urged him to get busy with her even though it would cause a whole slew of problems for the guy down the road. Like, I get the mating instinct taking over and all that, but she had no intention of walking away from the duty she'd been given by her people, yet she didn't seem to think his duty/oaths were worth upholding.

I'm not down with that. Not at all.

That said, I like the setup for both the mission Diana and her crew are on and the potential for change I can see in the social structuring of the Attalans. Plus, there's the intriguing story of the first guard and his lady love. I do enjoy when a lone warrior fights the man!

Dangerous times on a dangerous world with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance. Throw in some sexy shenanigans and a whole lot of snow and ice and you're set!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Rancher's Song by Vivian Arend [Review]

 A Rancher's Song by Vivian Arend
A Rancher's Song (The Stones of Heart Falls #2) by Vivian Arend
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: May 1, 2018

The Stones of Heart Falls
1. A Rancher's Heart
2. A Rancher's Song - PaperbackKindle
3. A Rancher's Bride

Vivian Arend
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Ivy Field's heart nearly broke when she left Heart Falls, but her high school sweetheart insisted she follow-through on her dream of becoming a teacher. She thought that meant putting their relationship on hold briefly, but it's taken eleven years to return. Now she's back, no longer a painfully shy young girl but a confident woman who knows exactly what and who she wants--a home and a family--with too-sexy-for-his-boots Walker Stone. He was her first; she wants him to be her last.

Walker "Dynamite" Stone was still reeling from his parents' unexpected deaths when Ivy left. He let her go, throwing himself into work on the Silver Stone ranch and dangerous living on the rodeo circuit. But lately Walker's adrenaline junkie ways have crashed--he's having panic attacks. Potentially devastating to his budding music career, they're a deadly handicap when shooting for eight seconds aboard an angry bull. He needs to learn to face his fears to save the family fortunes. If he succeeds, this time Walker will be the one to leave Heart Falls, and Ivy, behind.

Will Ivy and Walker have to give up on forever, or can they turn this rancher's song into a winning duet?
Thoughts on A Rancher's Song: We're back with the Stones and their brood of friends and family. This time, it's Walker's turn to face his issues and nab the lady he's never forgotten. Or maybe it's Ivy's turn to sweetly get Walker to realize what he'd miss out on if he walks away from Heart Falls and her.

First off, I kinda dig the Stone family. They're dedicated, hard working, and they go all-in once they set their sights on what they want. For some of them, it's the figuring out what they want that's tricky. Walker, for example, is torn between helping on the family ranch, continuing his rodeo career (a dangerous option what with his panic attacks and all), and finding his way in the music industry. And then there's Ivy. The girl who left to pursue her own dream and is now back in touching distance.

Eleven years is a long time and yet Ivy's still got that thing for Walker. Helping him get a handle of his issues while showing him she's grown into a woman able to stand by his side is her challenge. Frankly, getting Walker to open up AT ALL about what's bothering him is a pretty monumental feat. But with a little time and a little perseverance, she manages.

Caleb and his family were fun, Luke's setup has me grinning. The rest of the family will fall before they know it and I, for one, an DELIGHTED by that. Because I love these sticky family dynamics and the support they all show for one another.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Planet Dragos by Thea Harrison [Review]

 Planet Dragos by Thea Harrison
Planet Dragos (Elder Races #9.8) by Thea Harrison
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: May 1, 2018

Elder Races
1. Dragon Bound
2. Storm's Heart
3. Serpent's Kiss
3.5. True Colors
4. Oracle's Moon
4.5. Natural Evil
4.6. Devil's Gate
4.7. Hunter's Season
5. Lord's Fall
5.5. The Wicked
6. Kinked
6.5. Dragos Takes a Holiday
6.6. Pia Saves the Day
6.7. Peanut Goes to School
7. Night's Honor
8. Midnight's Kiss
8.5. Dragos Goes to Washington
8.6. Pia Does Hollywood
9. Shadow's End
9.5. Liam Takes Manhattan
9.7. The Chosen
9.8. Planet DragosKindle

Thea Harrison
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Pia’s latest pregnancy has become a daily challenge, her relationship with Dragos strained with argument. That hasn’t stopped them from achieving a compromise and traveling to Las Vegas to celebrate their friend Rune’s wedding to his mate Carling.

From the moment they arrive, the trip goes awry. Death walks in Vegas, and Pia is kidnapped as an ancient enemy makes a move to destroy the Great Beast once and for all.

But the Great Beast has other plans.

On Planet Dragos everything goes the way he arranges it—unless someone decides to cross him, and God help them then, because he doesn’t know how to back down, and he doesn’t ever, ever let up….
Thoughts on Planet Dragos: Full disclosure: I'm a whole lot of in love with this series and I'm a teeny bit sad this is the final installment featuring Dragos and Pia, but HOLY WOW Dragos doesn't do things by half measures. Seriously, man, the guy goes into things full throttle and he doesn't stop until he's either gotten what he has his eye on or all his enemies are smoking piles.


I honestly adore the dynamic between Pia and Dragos. She's always been able to temper his explosive personality (at least somewhat) and he's made a concentrated effort to change the way he does things when the way he does things upsets her. As old and canny and smart as he is, he does make mistakes, as does she. Watching them navigate the ups and downs of their marriage has been fun. Let's face it, when Dragos crosses lines, he crosses them spectacularly.

That's what happens, at times, when you're a surly dragon with a whole lot of power.

I enjoyed this installment A LOT. I LOVED that decisions were made and things are moving forward for both the Cuelebre family and for the Wyr. While I'm sorry to say goodbye to Dragos and Pia's explosive romance, I genuinely loved how things ended.

Monday, May 21, 2018

White Hot by Ilona Andrews [Review]

 White Hot by Ilona Andrews
White Hot (Hidden Legacy #2) by Ilona Andrews
Format: paperback
Source: purchased
Date read: July 27, 2017

Hidden Legacy
1. Burn for Me
2. White HotPaperback | Kindle
3. Wildfire

Ilona Andrews
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Nevada Baylor has a unique and secret skill—she knows when people are lying—and she's used that magic (along with plain, hard work) to keep her colorful and close-knit family's detective agency afloat. But her new case pits her against the shadowy forces that almost destroyed the city of Houston once before, bringing Nevada back into contact with Connor "Mad" Rogan.

Rogan is a billionaire Prime—the highest rank of magic user—and as unreadable as ever, despite Nevada’s “talent.” But there’s no hiding the sparks between them. Now that the stakes are even higher, both professionally and personally, and their foes are unimaginably powerful, Rogan and Nevada will find that nothing burns like ice …
Thoughts on White Hot: Holy smokin' hot intensity, Batman! Nevada and Rogan generate enough sparks to light up a city or three. Even when they're fighting their attraction. Well, wait. Nevada's fighting it. Rogan's going the teeth-bared, overwhelmingly sexy route. Which, naturally, pushes all Nevada's buttons. Both the lusty ones and the frustrated ones.

Those two!

Anywho. There's more to this book than smoldering looks and almost touches. There are PLOTS afoot. Danger and bloodshed and more than a few head shots.We get to see the more human side of Rogan as he works to protect the things that are important to him. One of which is Nevada. The guy can go a little caveman when she's in danger. While he sees it as eliminating her vulnerabilities, she sees it as him trying to cage her. Which, as you might guess, is one of her hot buttons. Not a sexy hot button either.

They fight MAGNIFICENTLY. The make-ups are pretty nice too.

The dangling threads from book 1 are picked up and the picture they're uncovering is getting bigger and more complex by the minute. Someone wants to make some big changes in the way things work and they're willing to run through anyone they have to to do it.

Book 3 is waiting for me RIGHT NOW. Thank goodness. I need another Nevada/Rogan fix.

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RtP's Week in Review (05/20/18)

Reading the Paranormal's Week in Review
Bookish Delights
Check it out!
  • Bout of Books 22 is coming to an end and it's been another great one! If you like books and bookish things, you should TOTALLY join us in August for Bout of Books 23!

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Write On Review-a-thon [52]

It's time for another installment of the Write On Review-a-thon. YAY!

A little about the Review-a-thon:
Brought to you by Reading the Paranormal and the #boutofbooks-ers facebook group. This monthly review-a-thon is a chance to get caught up on outstanding reviews. Bring your to-be-reviewed list, block out some time, write reviews. It's that simple.
This month's review-a-thon will run from Friday, May 25th to Sunday, May 27th.

To find out more about the review-a-thon and future dates, visit the Review-a-thon page.

As for me...
Reviews to be written:
  • Sinister Shadows by Colleen Gleason
  • The Varlet and the Voyeur by Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway
  • Veronica's Dragon by Ruby Dixon

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Piece of Work by Staci Hart [Review]

 Piece of Work by Staci Hart
Piece of Work by Staci Hart
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: May 8, 2018

Purchase links: Kindle

Staci Hart
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Marble isn’t the only thing that’s hard at this museum.

His body is as chiseled as Adonis. His lips are as sculpted as David. And his ego is the size of the Guggenheim.

You know the type—wolfish smile and the gravity of a black hole. The kind of man who sucks all the air from the room the second he enters it. My cocky boss thinks this internship was wasted on me, and he doesn’t hesitate to let me know.

But he’s wrong, and I’m going to prove it to him. If I can stay away from his devil lips, that is. Lips that cut me down and kiss me in the same breath, leaving me certain he’s on a mission to ruin my life.

And maybe my heart.
Thoughts on Piece of Work: While it's not surprise that I like ANYTHING Staci Hart writes, I'm particularly enamored of Rin and Court's story. Something about these two and the push and pull of their relationship grabbed me by the feels and squeezed. HARD.

Rin in painfully self-conscious when we first meet her. PAINFULLY. Court looks right through her in their first meeting and she's glad because he's so out of her league (in her opinion) that anything else is unfathomable. Then he gets to see how her brilliant, beautiful mind works and, well, he's intrigued.

And once she steps outside the college persona she's cultivated after years of being in an academic setting and makes a conscious decision to try to be the person she wants to be, he's intrigued by a whole lot more than her mind.

I honestly loved Rin's transformation. Even after she takes the first steps toward her new self, she's plagued by doubts. Her friends are FANTASTIC. They pick her up when she stumbles (which happens a LOT, poor lady) and are just this outstanding support system overall. They're the ones who remind her she can be more than she was when she gets down on herself and I LOOOOOVE that.

Women helping women are my THANG.

Rin and Court worked on a lot of levels for me. He's jaded and wary (with good reason) (also, his dad and that whole dynamic give me a sour lemon face) while Rin is disarmingly open about things. He's used to being in the spotlight, she's content to remain invisible. Until she isn't.

Staci Hart continues to bring her A game and I'm beyond thrilled to get to dive into the worlds she creates.