Friday, January 17, 2020

Blind Bet by Susan Hayes [Review]

 Blind Bet by Susan Hayes
Blind Bet (The Drift #7) by Susan Hayes
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: February 27, 2019

The Drift
1. Double Down
2. All In
3. Wild Card
4. Three of a Kind
5. No Limit
6. Full House
7. Blind BetPaperback | Kindle
8. Aces Over Queen

Susan Hayes
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Some rules were made to be broken.

Layla Corbin loves her life as a technician on the deep space asteroid-mining ship, Kessel Queen. Great job, great companions, great money. Perfect, except she wants all four of her sexy crewmates. The rules of the ship state she can only have one – an impossible choice.

When Mace issued that order, he did it to protect his crew. He never imagined that they’d all fall for Layla.
Thoughts on Blind Bet: A small space, four sexy crewmen, and one lady who refuses to choose between them since she wants them all equally. I am ALL OVER Layla's story.

Seriously, though. The restrictions Mace put on Layla has her holding back from all of the men because she's equally attracted to all of them. So instead of indulging in one, she keeps to herself. Which works to a point. Until, you know, she gets loopy on pain meds after an accident and spills her guts to the guys.

Then all bets are off and the lady who can't choose doesn't have to.

I like this world. I like these humans and aliens. I like sexy times aboard a spaceship. Thumbs up all around.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Wedding Night by Kati Wilde [Review]

 The Wedding Night by Kati Wilde
The Wedding Night by Kati Wilde
Format: ebook
Source: borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Date read: February 15, 2019

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Kati Wilde
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When an opportunity to take everything from the powerful family who destroyed his mother’s life falls into Caleb Moore’s lap, he needs help from the one person with more power and money than they have — business mogul, Audrey Clarke. The trick is getting her attention. So he approaches the infamous ice queen with an unusual proposition: marriage.

The odds of a snowball surviving in hell are better than the chances of a rich, classy lady like Audrey Clarke marrying a mechanic from the wrong side of the tracks. He only hopes that she might consider a business partnership when she’s finished laughing at his marriage proposal.

He never expects her to say yes — or that the ice queen could burn so hot. Because Audrey Clarke isn’t cold at all. And if Caleb’s not careful, the only thing he’ll give her for Christmas…is a broken heart.
Thoughts on The Wedding Night: Oh, my goodness. I have such mad, mad love for Audrey and the way she deals with things. Not just her coping mechanisms, but how she thought and how she realizes how easy it is for her to fall into mental chasms and the safeguards she put up to make sure she stays on task. I also love how easily she was thrown off her stride by Caleb and how willing she was to explore what he made her feel.

Not that it was easy, exactly. It was more like she was willing to give it a try and figure out what boundaries were in place despite the vast differences between them. *heart eyes*

Other things I love: the way she surrounded herself with people who wanted nothing more than to see her shine as brightly as she could. That's sincerely fantastic, but it was the fact that she didn't realize how much they cared for her that made my heart bleed for her. Once Caleb SAW Audrey and what drives her, his willingness to be her rock made me ridiculously happy.

Frankly, this whole book made me happy. From Caleb and Audrey and their first slightly odd meeting to their dates and interactions and all the parts in between. Kati Wilde's characters never fail to his me in the feels and these two were fantastic.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Booty Call by Ainsley Booth [Review]

 Booty Call by Ainsley Booth
Booty Call (Forbidden Bodyguards #2) by Ainsley Booth
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: February 10, 2019

Forbidden Bodyguards
1. Hate F*@k
2. Booty Call - PaperbackKindle
3. Dirty Love

Ainsley Booth
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
I know what I’m doing when I text Scott at four in the morning.

He knows what I’m doing, too.

That’s why he shows up twenty-three minutes later, freshly showered with a condom in his pocket and a barely dissolved breath mint on his tongue.

I smirk as he looms over me. “You are such a dirty old man.”

“We need to stop doing this.”


“Because you’re twenty-one and I’m not. Because I want to take you on a f***ing date and you won’t. Because we wind up yelling at each other half the time.”

“But the rest of the time you’re inside me and it feels so good, right?”

His eyes darken and I don’t need to look down to know he’s hard for me.
Thoughts on Booty Call: Awwww, yasssss. Some hot lovin' between Scott and Ali. The bodyguard and the coed who's trying to live a normal life after the fallout from her father's actions. Actually, the fallout isn't all that bad. It's mostly in her head, but head-stuff can mess with a person.

What I'm trying to say is that Ali wants a normal life, but she worries that her proclivities (not that they were in any way bad or scandalous, mind you, she just wanted who she wanted and that was that) ... I don't know how to put it. Seeing what her father and mother are capable of makes her wary. And a wary Ali tries to control things in a way that has the potential to do a lot of damage to both her and Scott's hearts if they aren't careful.

Really, for all they both insist things aren't going to get deep for either of them, they fall HAAARRRRD for one another. It's great. I love when stubborn people fall. It's so delicious to watch.

Fun and sexy with an extra helping of sexy just because. These bodyguards are good. REALLY good.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bane by Regine Abel [Review]

 Bane by Regine Abel
Bane (Xian Warriors #3) by Regine Abel
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: September 21, 2019

Xian Warriors
1. Legion
2. Raven
3. BaneKindle

Regine Abel
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The Dragon has awakened, and he will claim his bride.

As the Vanguard’s top analyst, Tabitha discovers a secret message which could allow them to deal a severe blow to the Kryptids. The last thing she expects during that mission is to run into the ‘enemy’ who haunts her dreams. After getting her heart crushed years ago, Tabitha has sworn off genetically engineered warriors. Yet, she cannot resist her attraction to the dark and mysterious hybrid named Bane. As they prepare for a bloody war against the Kryptids, she realizes there can only be a future for them if she can bring Bane and his people to the Vanguard’s side.

His hearts have ached for Tabitha from the moment he set eyes on her. And yet, time after time, he has let his fierce and fearless Queen walk away. It had been both for her safety and out of duty to those under his protection. However, the tide has finally turned. He and his people may be the monstrous creations of the Kryptid General but, for the first time, freedom is within their grasp. Now that he has a chance at a future with his Queen, and at safety for his people, nothing and no one will stand in his way.
Thoughts on Bane: Oh, boy. As the oldest of the Kryptid General's offspring/experiments, Bane is in a tough situation. He's making plans to save himself, his brothers, and the human women who have been forced to become breeders for the next generation of Kryptids, but things aren't going quite as smoothly as they need to be.

For one thing, his father knows a little too much about Bane's actions which puts all Bane's brothers in danger. For another, Bane's attraction to Tabitha (if you consider the call of a soulmate mere attraction), puts her in a bit of danger. Because Tabitha's not the type to sit quietly in the background when those around her are in danger.

As for Tabitha, she's...mellowed since we first met her. Or maybe it's better to say she's finally come to terms with her bruised heart and found herself again. Her union with Bane opens up a lot of avenues for the future for both his hybrids and for the Vanguard soldiers.

Things aren't necessarily smooth for these two, but their relationship changes so much for so many. There might still be danger on the horizon, but things are looking up for the Vanguard in their war against the Kryptid general and his morally reprehensible experiments.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Barbarian's Beloved by Ruby Dixon [Review]

 Barbarian's Beloved by Ruby Dixon
Barbarian's Beloved (Ice Planet Barbarians #16) by Ruby Dixon
Format: ebook
Source: borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Date read: February 15, 2019

Ice Planet Barbarians
1. Ice Planet Barbarians
2. Barbarian Alien
3. Barbarian Lover
4. Barbarian Mine
4.5. Ice Planet Holiday
5. Barbarian's Prize
6. Barbarian's Mate
6.5. Having the Barbarian's Baby
6.6. Ice Ice Babies
7. Barbarian's Touch
7.5. Calm
8. Barbarian's Taming
8.5. Aftershocks
9. Barbarian's Heart
10. Barbarian's Hope
11. Barbarian's Choice
12. Barbarian's Redemption
13. Barbarian's Lady
13.5. Prison Planet Barbarian
14. Barbarian's Rescue
15. Barbarian's Tease
15.5. The Barbarian Before Christmas
16. Barbarian's Beloved - Paperback | Kindle
16.5. A Gift for Drenol
16.6. Barbarian's Valentine

Ruby Dixon
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
My tribesmates don’t understand her. The other humans think she’s weak. But no one knows my mate like I do. They don’t see her gentle heart or her brave spirit. I know why she struggles. I know how strong she is. And I know I’ll do anything to make her smile.

But can I convince her that she can be happy in this strange new world with me?

This story explores the long-awaited romance of Ariana and Zolaya. Even though it is a ‘flashback’ to the beginning of the Ice Planet Barbarians series, it can be read out of order.
Thoughts on Barbarian's Beloved: YES! I love going back to the beginning and seeing another couple find their happy place with one another. I REALLY like how the story was framed against the issues Ariana is having in the present. Frankly, dealing with what she has to deal with is no fun no matter whether it was the then or the now, but I liked seeing how far she's come and how she's developed coping mechanisms in the absence of medication to even her out.

Plus, I REALLLLLLY like Zolaya's patience with her. Not just his patience, actually. I liked that he was willing to try to understand her fears. He didn't brush them off or point out that she was being irrational. He listened. He helped refocus her so she could stop her downward spiral. He was simply there whens he needed him and I ADORE THAT SO HARD WITH THESE GUYS.

As always, I'm deeply smitten with this series. I love going back to the beginning and seeing the human women dealing with their new circumstances all over again. I love the big, blue guys and their willingness to fight for the one they're matched to.

I'm drawing glittery hearts around this series and I refuse to stop.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Bitten by the King by Alexa Riley [Review]

 Bitten by the King by Alexa Riley
Bitten by the King (Virgin Blood #4) by Alexa Riley
Format: ebook
Source: borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Date read: January 30, 2019

Virgin Blood
1. Bitten by the Beast
2. Bitten by the Virgin
3. Twice Bitten
4. Bitten by the KingKindle

Alexa Riley
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Loren River doesn’t understand why her father ever adopted her. All he does is keep her locked up and hidden away from what he calls his “business.” She’s spent most of her life alone and she’s desperate to make friends and have a family of her own. What’s so wrong with wanting to fall in love and become a mom? But life has its own plans for her when she gets caught between her father and a man so dark and deadly she can’t look away. Could the feelings she’s having be more than just fear? Could they possibly be desire, too?

Bishop Thorin is worried about the threat to his territory in the city. There’s a rogue vampire on the loose and it’s trying to tear apart all that he’s built. He’s got the weight of the world resting on his shoulders and he needs to fix this. But when a young redhead steps in his way, all that he thought was lost is right in front of him. Can he take away her prison just to give her another?
Thoughts on Bitten by the King: It's Bishop's turn to find his special someone. And, just to make things wonderfully difficult, his special lady friend is the daughter (kind of) of a vampire who is NOT his friend. Or anyone's friend, really. The dude's kinda twisted.

But Bishop and Loren? They're good. You know, once they get past the forces trying to keep them apart.

A nice conclusion to the series with another possessively sweet alpha-male who would do anything to keep the love of their life safe. Added bonus, there's a niiiiiice set-up for some future matchmaking. I always like hints of what's to come. And when we get to look back on couples who've already found their HEA. And when couples actually do find their HEA. In other words, I like it all.