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Reading the Paranormal 2019 Series Tracking

In 2013 and 2014, I co-hosted and hosted the Seriously Series reading challenge. While it didn't come back in 2015, I was personally motivated by being able to track series I was actively working on and/or planned on finishing up. So I did that. And I have to say it helped me get some of the books sitting on my bookshelves/kindle read.

For 2019, I'm going to do much the same as in 2015-2018. I'll track. I'll keep a running tally. I'll see what I can get read. Recap posts go up every three months to allow me to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to previous years/quarters.

Series Started in 2019
24/12 series

  • After the Fall by Kydra Hatch
    • Interrupting Starlight
  • Alien Animal Rescues by E.D. Walker
    • The Princess and her Bodyguard
  • All In by Helena Hunting
    • A Favor for a Favor
  • Bennet Brothers by Staci hart
    • Gilded Lily
  • Borealis Bears by Vivian Arend
    • The Bear's Fated Mate
  • Cipher Office by Various
    • Weight Expectations
    • Sticking to the Script
  • Cosmic Fairy Tales by Various
    • The Hunchback
    • The Lion and the Mouse
    • The Frog Prince
    • The Ugly Dukeling
    • Contaminated
    • Jackie and the Giant
    • Escaping Wonderland
    • Rampion
  • Department of Homeworld Security by Cassandra Chandler
    • Import Quarantine
  • Donner Bakery by Various
    • Stud Muffin
    • No Whisk No Reward
  • Green Valley Public Library by Various
    • Love in Due Time
    • Crime and Periodicals
    • Prose Before Bros
    • Shelf Awareness
  • House of Rone by Anna Hackett
    • Dark Guard
    • Centurion
  • Inherited Stars by Laurie A. Green
    • Spydog
  • Leonidas the Gladiator bu Ashley Gardner
    • Blood Debt
  • Lords of Kassis by S.E. Smith
    • Madas' Falling Star
  • Park Ranger by Various
    • Happy Trail
  • Project Enterprise by Pauline Baird Jones
    • Cyborg's Revenge
  • Reindeer Falls by Jana Aston
    • The Boss Who Stole Christmas
    • If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread
    • The One Night Stand Before Christmas
  • Scorned Women Society by Various
    • My Bare Lady
  • Starways by Alexis Glynn Lautner
    • Winter's Prince
  • Survival Instincts by Adriana Anders
    • Whiteout
  • Topper Witch by Donna McDonald
    • Nothing Remotely Familiar
  • TriSystems: Smugglers by J.C. Hay
    • Heart of the Spider's Web
  • The Underdogs by Kate Stewart
    • The Guy on the Right
  • Warlords of Aterra by Erin Tate
    • Hard Sands
In progress
  • Alien Abduction by Honey Phillips
    • Anna and the Alien
    • Beth and the Barbarian
    • Cam and the Conqueror
    • Deb and the Demon
    • Ella and the Emperor
      • Infinite City by Tiffany Roberts
        • Shielded Heart
        • Entwined Fate
      • Office Aliens by V.C. Lancaster
        • The E.T. Guy
        • The New Guy
        • The Security Guy
        • The Guy Next Door
        • An Office Aliens Christmas: Ro
        • An Office Aliens Christmas: Bia
        • An Office Aliens Christmas: Zir
        • An Office Aliens Christmas: Khy
      • Real Men Shift by Celia Kyle and Marina Maddox
        • Real Men Bite
        • Real Men Claim

          Series Started before 2019
          16/12 series

          • The Beginner's Guide to Necromancy by Hailey Edwards
            • How to Kiss an Undead Bride
          • Bestial Tribe by Naomi Lucas
            • Minotaur: Prayer
            • Deadwood by Ann Charles
              • Don't Let it Snow in Deadwood
            • Dear Professor by Penny Reid
              • Kissing Galileo
            • Frontiera by C.J. Cade
              • Heart of Steel
            • Icehome by Ruby Dixon
              • Nadine's Champion
              • Callie's Catastrophe
            • Iriduan Test Subjects by Susan Trombley
              • The Hunter's Mate
            • Kat Holloway by Jennifer Ashley
              • A Soupcon of Poison
            • Psychic Cat Mysteries by S.M. Reine
              • The Tell Tale Cat
            • Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries by Angie Fox
              • The Ghost of Christmas Past
            • Stage Dive by Kylie Scott
              • Closer
            • Stormy Day Mysteries by Angela Pepper
              • Death of a Double Dipper
            • Team 52 by Anna Hackett
              • Mission: Her Freedom
            • Widow's Island by Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot
              • Whisper of Bones
              • Bred in the Bone
            • Winston Brothers by Penny Reid
              • Beard Necessities
            • Xian Warriors by Regine Abel
              • Doom
              In progress:
                • Alien Bounty Hunters by Michele Mills
                  • Daxon's Hostage
                  • Kroga's Redemption
                • Knitting in the City by Penny Reid
                  • Love Hacked
                  • Ninja at First Sight
                  • Happily Ever Ninja
                • Mercy Kilpatrick by Kendra Elliot
                  • A Merciful Promise
                • Pucked by Helena Hunting
                  • Forever Pucked
                  • Pucked Under
                  • Pucked Off
                  • Pucked Love
                • Star Kingdom by Lindsay Buroker
                  • Crossfire
                  • Gate Quest
                  • Knight Protector

                                      Series rereads:
                                      6/6 series
                                        • Alien Bounty Hunters by Michele Mills
                                        • Gemini by Hailey Edwards
                                        • Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews
                                        • How to Date a Douchebag by Sara Ney
                                        • Off Guard by Katie Allen
                                        • Research & Desire by Katie Allen
                                        In progress:

                                        • Started in 2019:
                                          • Completed: 16 - After the Fall (Interrupting Starlight), Alien Animal Rescues (The Princess and her Bodyguard), Cipher Office (Weight Expectations, Sticking to the Script), Department of Homeworld Security (Import Quarantine), Donner Bakery (Stud Muffin, No Whisk No Reward), Green Valley Public Library (Love in Due Time, Crime and Periodicals, Prose Before Bros, Shelf Awareness), House of Rone (Dark Guard, Centurion), Inherited Stars (Spydog), Lords of Kassis (Madas' Falling Star), Park Ranger (Happy Trail), Project Enterprise (Cyborg's Revenge), Scorned Women Society (My Bare Lady), Starways (Winter's Prince), Topper Witch (Nothing Remotely Familiar), TriSystems: Smugglers (Heart of the Spider's Web), The Underdogs (The Guy on the Right)
                                          • In progress: 2 - Cosmic Fairy Tales (The Hunchback, Jackie and the Giant), Infinite City (Entwined Fate)
                                        • Started before 2019:
                                          • Completed: 4 - Bestial Tribe (Minotaur: Prayer), Iriduan Test Subjects (The Hunter's Mate), Stage Dive (Closer), Xian Warriors (Doom)
                                          • In progress: 4 - Icehome (Nadine's Champion), Knitting in the City (Love Hacked, Ninja in the City), Pucked (Forever Pucked), Star Kingdom (Crossfire)
                                        • Rereads:
                                          • Completed: -none-
                                          • In progress: -none-
                                        • Started in 2019:
                                          • Completed: 8 - All In (A Favor for a Favor), Bennet Brothers(Gilded Lily), Borealis Bears (The Bear's Fated Mate), Cosmic Fairy Tales (Contaminated, Rampion, The Lion and the Mouse, The Frog Prince, The Ugly Dukeling, Escaping Wonderland), Leonidas the Gladiator (Blood Debt), Reindeer Falls (The Boss Who Stole Christmas, If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread, The One Night Stand Before Christmas), Survival Instincts (Whiteout), Warlords of Atera (Hard Sands)
                                          • In progress: 1 - Office Aliens (The E.T. Guy, The New Guy, The Security Guy, The Guy Next Door, An Office Alien Christmas: Ro)
                                        • Started before 2019:
                                          • Completed: 11 - The Beginner's Guide to Necromancy (How to Kiss an Undead Bride), Dear Professor (Kissing Galileo), Frontiera (Heart of Steel), Icehome (Callie's Catastrophe), Kat Holloway (A Soupcon of Poison), Psychic Cat Mysteries (The Tell Tale Cat), Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries (The Ghost of Christmas Past), Stormy Day Mysteries (Death of a Double Dipper), Team 52 (Mission: Her Freedom), Widow's Island (Whisper of Bones, Bred in the Bone), Winston Brothers (Beard Necessities)
                                          • In progress: 1 - Alien Bounty Hunters (Daxon's Hostage)
                                        • Rereads:
                                          • Completed: -none-
                                          • In progress: -none-
                                          • Started in 2019:
                                            • Completed: 
                                            • In progress: 1 - Office Aliens (An Office Alien Christmas: Bia)
                                          • Started before 2019:
                                            • Completed: 1 - Deadwood (Don't Let It Snow in Deadwood)
                                              • In progress: 
                                            • Rereads:
                                              • Completed: 
                                              • In progress: 

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                                              1. I miss this challenge! :( In its absense, I may do like you're doing and track my series anyway, as if the challenge were still going.