Tuesday, January 1, 2019

RtP 2018 Series Tracking - October-December

While I'm not hosting an official Seriously Series Challenge this year, I liked being able to track series I've completed. So... here we are. Tracking some series.

By category:
Series started in 2018: 14/12
Series started before 2018: 13/12
Series rereads: 7/9

By month:
  • Started in 2018:
    • Completed: 11
      • Beauty (Beauty in Winter, Beauty in Summer)
      • Bestial Tribe (Minotaur: Blooded)
      • Bone Secrets (Buried, Veiled, Alone, Known)
      • The Cavasham Heiresses (The Good, the Bad, and the Duke)
      • The Honey Badger Chronicles (Hot and Badgered)
      • Kiss and Make Up (A Kiss Like This)
      • Playful Brides (Kiss Me at Christmas)
      • Rogue River (On Her Father's Grave, Gone to Her Grave, Her Grave Secrets, Walking on her Grave)
      • Team 52 (Mission: Her Rescue)
      • Wicks Hollow (Sinister Sanctuary)
      • Widow's Island (Close to the Bone, A Bone to Pick)
    • In progress: 3
      • Bookstore Love (Crazy Love)
  • Started before 2018:
    • Completed: 10
      • Deadwood (A Wild Fright in Deadwood)
      • Hell Squad (Finn, Devlin, Theron, Hemi, Ash, Levi, Manu)
      • Icehome (Willa's Beast)
      • Moonshadow (Lionheart)
      • The Phoenix Adventures (At Star's End)
      • Shifter Rogues (Tiger's Claim)
      • Stage Dive (Strong)
      • Stones of Heart Falls (A Rancher's Bride)
      • The Ujal (Tave, Rhal, Erun, Dashing Through the Stars)
      • VIP (Fall)
    • In progress: -none-
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: -none-
    • In progress: -none-

  • Started in 2018:
    • Completed: 3 
      • Bareknuckle Bastards (Wicked and the Wallflower)
      • The Hook-Up (I Bet You)
      • Iriduan Test Subjects (The Serpent's Mate)
    • In progress: -none-
  • Started before 2018:
    • Completed: 3
      • Charley Davidson (Fifth Grave Past the Light, Sixth Grave on the Edge, Seventh Grave and No Body, Eighth Grave After Dark, The Dirt on Ninth Grave, The Curse of Tenth Grave, Eleventh Grave in Moonlight, The Trouble with Twelfth Grave, Summoned to Thirteenth Grave )
      • Hidden Legacy (Diamond Fire)
      • Preternatural Affairs (Wretched Wicked)
    • In progress: -none-
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: -none-
    • In progress: -none-

  • You know, what? I never track my books in December accurately. NEVER. I don't even know why I try at this point, but I do. Or at least I think I will. So...yeah, I read. I couldn't tell you what, exactly, but I did read in December.

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