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Syrin's Mate by Michele Mills [Review]

 Syrin's Mate by Michele Mills
Syrin's Mate (Alien Bounty Hunters #4) by Michele Mills
Format: ebook
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Date read: February 3, 2018

Alien Bounty Hunters
1. Rayzor's One
2. Joyzal's Prize
3. Kayzon's Wish
4. Syrin's MateKindle

Michele Mills
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Syrin of Forty-Six is a berserker.

Outlawed from Chronos and removed from the Xylan mating database, he’s a fierce warrior with a bloody past. And now he’s a convict, thrown into the most notorious prison in the four sectors.

Since Sara is also an inmate, she can’t exactly judge. And as the only female prisoner on Detention Center: Zeta 149, she really, really needs protection. So when the prison guards throw Sara into a cell with the unstable berserker, placing bets on how long she’ll live, she's willing to trade her virginity if he'll agree to become her protector.

But instead of taking her offer, Syrin lays some ground rules: he’ll never be her pleasure mate, never want her, never desire her, ever. But despite his aura of don’t f*cking bother me, Sara can’t keep her eyes off his bulging biceps and the sexy fangs that peek out from his perfect lips. Sharing a cell with a towering, muscular male who IS NOT attracted to her is sheer torture…but then his bare hand accidentally touches hers…

And all hell doesn't break loose. Instead a Xylan berserker does, and that's much deadlier...and much sexier...

Author’s note: This is book #4 in the series, but can be read as a standalone. Be prepared to meet new friends and revisit old favorites…
Thoughts on Syrin's Mate: Ahh, yassss. I love me an alien prison break romance. Not that this book was, strictly speaking, about a prison break, but there was some breaking out going on so it counts. I guess maybe I'm also smitten with the idea of a berserker who finds a measure of control when his Bride is there to calm him.

You know, let's just go with I like these growly Xylans and their propensity for finding their mates in the most unexpected of places and leave it at that.

Just kidding. I'm not leaving it at that.

Syrin. Big, broody, and ready to go on a rampage under the right circumstances. Sara is...none of those things. She's human and a hacker...excuse me, a "systems analyst" who's been thrown in prison for a crime she didn't commit. Not that anyone's listening when she tells them that. In fact, she's prison enemy number and EVERYBODY wants a piece of her. Sometimes literally.

Their romance might not start out on the best foot (they're both prisoners, for goodness sake), but they figure things out. And, HOLY WHAT IS GOING ON WITH KROGA? I NEEEED TO KNOW!

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