Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Hara's Legacy (Resonance Mates #1) by Bianca D'Arc

Synopsis (via Goodreads Amazon):
Montana rancher Caleb O'Hara's precognitive abilities saved his family from an alien attack that annihilated almost everyone on Earth. Now the aliens have come to study the remnants of humanity. Caleb knows the only way to ensure the safety of his young wife, Janie, and his beloved brothers, Justin and Mick, is to keep the family together on their isolated ranch.

All three O'Hara brothers love Jane. They grew up next door to the young, empathic beauty and she stole all their hearts at one time or another, though she married Caleb. Caleb foresees the shocking truth of what they have to do in order to survive, and Caleb's visions never lie.

They'll have to come to terms with a new world, and an evolving relationship, all while finding a way to protect two newborn babies who are innocent pawns in the aliens' deadly game. Somehow, this one talented family holds the key for humanity's survival on this new, conquered world called Earth.

Warning: this title contains explicit sex and menage a quatre.
My Thoughts: Overall, I liked this book.  I did feel like a few of the sex scenes were put in just to have them in there and seeing as how I like reading gratuitous sex scenes I think that's saying something.  Since the book takes place over a period of two-ish years some big chunks of time felt like they were skimmed over, which was a little distracting, but the story itself was fun and a different enough from what I've been reading lately that I found myself entertained.

Now I do have one thing that's sort of gnawing at me about this book- You find out that the aliens have a legend about Resonance Mates, a mate who balances them and keeps them sane, yet this book is ultimately about a family of human/alien half-breeds.  In fact, Resonance Mates are only mentioned by one of the aliens in passing.  So why is this series called "Resonance Mates"?

Yes, I ask the tough questions.

The point in all this is that I liked the book and I wouldn't be adverse to reading the others in the series.

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  1. Interesting book review. I think I'll put it on my library list. My current find is a really good book called "Stronger Than Sin" by author Caridad PiƱeiro. So far it's a science fiction paranormal thriller with some romance and alot of suspense. Evidently, it's the second in a series but it certainly stands alone.