Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Serengeti Storm (Serengeti Shifters #2) by Vivi Andrews

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Shana Delray is hissing mad. The pride’s Alpha has chosen a mate—and it’s not her. Bred to be his consort, she’s not going to let some runt of the litter take her destined place—no matter how much ass she has to kick in the process.

Her way back into the pride is Caleb Minor—her former lover, the Alpha’s loyal enforcer…and the runt’s brother. And if she has to go through Caleb to get what she wants, so be it. She’ll do whatever it takes to pry the little usurper out of her way.

Caleb’s familiarity with Shana’s manipulative ways serves him well when he’s assigned to keep the seething she-cat in line. A nearly impossible task, as he’s forced to use his body—in more ways than one—to save her from herself. Now if only he can save his battered heart from the explosive desire that isn’t as dormant as he’d thought.

Caleb’s stronger now. Tougher and harder. And, to Shana’s fury, he won’t be used. The harder she pushes, the more she finds her heart yielding…and suddenly she wonders if she can somehow win back the man she spent a decade trying to destroy…

Warning: This book contains manipulations and power plays (in and out of the bedroom), a naughty kitten who deserves a good spanking, and a second chance at that first love.
My Thoughts: Given what a total bitch Shana is in book #1 and at the beginning of this book, I consider it a phenomenal act of writing that I actually ended up liking her.  The woman is poison to everyone she sets her sights on.  She's been twisted by her lust for power and she's willing to walk over anyone who gets in her way.  And then you see why she acts the way she does and the repercussions her actions have on her and you can't help but feel a little niggle of sympathy for her.

Basically, we have another book by Vivi Andrews that I found to be absolutely captivating.  I know that the next book deals with Michael Minor and I hope we get to see the other two brothers find their mates at some point.

So, if sexy lion shapeshifters who have scorching sex whenever the mood strikes are your thing, you totally need to read this series.

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