Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review: Utter Domination by Celeste Anwar

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Project Nemesis does not exist ... at least as far as the country's civilians are concerned. To Jesse Stone, a lycanthrope captured for their use, the project was very much real and ongoing. He was a slave to their experiments--tortured endlessly, starved, and all but drained of his will to live. Only one bright spot remained in his life--Erin. Until the day she came to him, a willing participant in their schemes. The betrayal was more than he could bear. It hardened him, turned his mind to white hot rage as feverish as the searing pleasure he felt in taking her. They would regret taking him. He would destroy them all. And Erin ... she he would save for last.
My Thoughts: In some ways I don't know where to start with this review.  I picked it up after reading the first chapter and I thought it sounded pretty good and hot and all that other stuff.  And parts of it were good, but overall the story never captured me the way I thought it was going to.

Here be spoilers!  Arrgh!

First off, Erin never willingly participates in seducing Jesse.  She was drugged.  How one could come to the conclusion that she was willing is beyond me.  Eventually she goes to him without the drugs, but she also releases him and tries to give him a chance to escape, even though she knows that her chances of escaping are futile.  Once again: Drugged does not equal willing.  I'm just saying.

Secondly, I didn't even realize that Jesse was a werewolf until about halfway through the book.  I guess I skipped over that part of the synopsis.  I don't know.  I knew he was a shapeshifter and I kept trying to guess what beast he'd turn into.  When it finally dawned on me that he was a werewolf it was kinda a letdown.  However, I fully take the blame for being unobservantly stupid and becoming too involved in the first chapter to read the synopsis carefully.

Third, Jesse has "white hot rage" toward Erin?  I never quite got that.  He felt betrayed.  He blamed her for a bunch of things that she ultimately had no control over, but once he started using his brain he stopped blaming her.  White hot rage?  Not so much.  Even his "revenge" on her wasn't hardcore revenge.  Hell, everything he was planning to do to her kinda fell apart after a few hours in her company.  That doesn't feel all that white hot.

In the end, I liked the book in a vaguely general way but I felt a tinge of disappointment that a lot of the things I expected after reading the first chapter fell flat.


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