Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: You Are So Undead To Me (Megan Berry #1) by Stacey Jay

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Fifteen-year-old Megan Berry is a Zombie Settler by birth, which means she's part-time shrink to a bunch of dead people with a whole lot of issues.

All Megan wants is to be normal and go to homecoming, of course. Unfortunately, it's a little difficult when your dates keep getting interrupted by a bunch of slobbering Undead.

Things are about to get even more complicated for Megan. Someone in school is using black magic to turn average, angsty Undead into flesh-eating Zombies, and it's looking like homecoming will turn out to be a very different kind of party the bloody kind.

Megan must stop the Zombie apocalypse descending on Carol, Arkansas. Her life and more importantly, homecoming depends on it.
My Thoughts: I picked up this book after meeting Stacey Jay at a signing and just cracking up over how completely random she was.  The lady is FUNNY, people.  She had me giggling to myself in a public setting.  And I don't do that.  Ever.

So I picked up her book.  Now, I have a slight obsession with zombies.  Slight.  You'd probably never even notice it. Yeah, I'm lying. You'd notice it immediately.  I don't hide my obsessions well.  I dig zombies.  I like blood and guts and things that creep and crawl.  The point is that I had a book by an author that I was picking up solely on the strength of her outgoing personality that happened to involve zombies.

This could have turned out very badly.  BUT IT DIDN'T!  The book was so damn fun.  I got blood and guts and zombies and kissing and a fabulous main character that I couldn't help but root for.  The book just flat out worked for me.  Megan is trying to find her way through high school while dealing with the decidedly abnormal abilities she was born with.  The dead seek her out.  She has power and strength and she's been out of the Settler's loop long enough that things that should be second nature to her ... aren't.

If you're looking for something in the lighthearted zombie genre with a dash of darkness wound throughout, give this book a try.  I had so much fun reading it!  *thumbs up*

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