Friday, November 19, 2010

2 for 1 Review: Holiday Bound by Beth Kery & Snowy Night Seduction by Arianna Hart

If you follow @SamhainPub on Twitter you know that earlier this week they released several of their titles as free reads for the Kindle and Nook.  Being the book whore that I am, I immediately rushed over to Amazon and downloaded them.  Hey, who doesn't like free steamy reads?  Here are two of the titles I picked up:

Holiday Bound by Beth Kery (Goodreads)
Alex Carradine can’t believe his father wants to come and visit his ski resort. Could it be that after so many stormy years, “slick Mitch” Carridine wants to offer an olive branch? Maybe the old man is mellowing, settling down with the new lover he’s bringing along.

Then Alex realizes the acid truth. This is no warm family visit. His father’s latest conquest is none other than the woman of Alex’s sexual fantasies, meant only to dangle tauntingly in front of his face. At least an unexpected blizzard has frozen his father out of the picture entirely.

Angeline Kastakis was looking forward to taking the next step in her relationship with Mitch. Too late she realizes she’s been led into a familial battle zone. Now it’s Christmas and she’s marooned in a blizzard with an insolent, gorgeous hunk of man whose blazing blue eyes tell her loud and clear he wants her in his bed. Preferably tied to it with a bow.

There’s no escape in sight. But as Alex stirs her secret longing to be mastered by a man, escape is the last thing on her mind…
My Thoughts: This is one of those books that isn't going to appeal to everyone, the two main characters indulge in a bit (or more than a bit) of dominance and submission, but for those that are willing to give it a try it's very fun and well-written.  Now, I feel like I should admit that I really like books where the characters get snowed in/trapped together/etc and give in to their animal passions.  What?  It's a thing.  I also like amnesiac vampires, but that's neither here nor there.

The sex was hot.  I liked that Alex wasn't portrayed as someone who liked to humiliate or hurt, but simply as someone who enjoyed being in charge in bed.  It was a nice change from some of the D/s stories where everything is about treating the woman (or man, if he's the submissive) like total shit in the name of dominance.

Overall, I really enjoyed this.  It wasn't terribly long, but the characters felt well rounded and the plot moved along nicely.

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Snowy Night Seduction by Arianna Hart (Goodreads)
Sera has come home to put her past behind her and move on with her life. She fully intends to forgive and forget the mess she made with her ex-lover when her empathic powers overwhelmed Jake during an intimate moment and he took off running. What she doesn't expect is to have the feelings she'd thought long gone come back with a vengeance.

Sheriff Jake Candellori has regretted letting Sera out of his life every minute of the last two years. He completely overreacted when he felt her feelings wash over him during sex, but that didn't mean he had to run out like his pants were on fire. By the time he calmed down she was gone. When fate traps them together during a freak snowstorm-he has no intention of ever letting her go again.
My Thoughts: A pretty straightforward romance with a touch of the paranormal.  Being that this is a short story (it took me about 45 minutes to read), Sera's powers are mentioned and delved into lightly but they take a bit of a back seat to Jake's acceptance of her empathy.  Once again, I get a snowstorm trapping our two main characters and plenty of sexy shenanigans.  Fun, fast and well-written.

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