Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Demon's Captive by Stephanie Snow

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Charity is almost through with college when war breaks out and the planet is decimated. Charity is alone, without family or friends and she has eluded capture by the warriors in the sky.

Commander Melmanon is furious that the Earth woman has been able to elude capture. Melmanon is known for his terrible bloodlust and ability to torture his captives. His pride has taken a beating and he visualizes his revenge on his enemy.

When Charity is finally captured by Melmanon, she is terrified when she sees he looks like a demon. Fearing pain and a slow death, Charity submits to Melmanon and he is surprised that her submission brings him great pleasure. He makes Charity his torture slave so he can keep her with him longer. Nobody is more surprised than Charity when she finds herself liking Melmanon’s attention. But Charity’s loyalties and feelings are put to the test and she will soon have to make difficult decisions. But not as difficult as those Melmanon will have to make…
My Thoughts: Sometimes you just get in the mood for a book with some good, dirty sex in it.  This one fit the bill for me.  Although I did feel that the ending tied up almost too nicely (Melmanon's revelation that he loved Charity, her acceptance of her place in the new world the aliens have forged), I enjoyed the overall story.  I do wish that her submission/his dominance had been explored a little more after he released her from her bondage, but I blame that on the length of the story more than the storytelling itself.

If you're looking for hot, dominant, sometimes non-consensual but mostly consensual (Hmm, bad phrasing there, but you get the point) sex, this book will fit the bill.  Oh, yeah, and there's a spaceship.  *fangirl geek out*

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  1. Nice review. I never heard of this one, I will have to check it out.