Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: Water Bound (Sisters of the Heart #1) by Christine Feehan

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Off the shores of Sea Haven, a beautiful diver rescues a man from drowning, a man with no memory of who he is-or why he seems to possess the violent instincts of a trained killer. But soon, he and his savior will be engulfed in a storm of dizzying passion and inescapable danger...
My Thoughts: Christine Feehan books are like a shameful secret I feel I need to hide.  They're overwrought, sometimes her wording makes me cringe (oh, velvet wrapped steel, where have you been all my life!) and they tend to follow a specific formula.  Here's the thing with them, though: I like them.  Okay.  I said it.  I like them.  I like how her men are always extremely dominant and her women usually have some sort of psychic power.  I like how her sex scenes go on for days.  Sure, sometimes I get worn out reading her books (which sounds kinda dirty now that I'm rereading this) but I keep coming back to them.  I keep buying the new ones that come out.  It might take me forever and a day to read or reread them (because OMG! The Angst is overwhelming at times!) but I still keep reading them.  So, say what you will, she must be doing something right.

Set in the town of Sea Haven where her Drake Sisters books took place, this series focuses on a group of women who have been drawn together despite their differences.  They've become Sisters of the Heart and they've built a family out of the love and respect they've found with one another.

I really liked this book, although sometimes it felt a little tedious going over each of the steps as Rikki would get ready to dive and whatnot, but at the same time it fits in with the focus the character exhibits when she gets involved in something.  My biggest complaint is that Lev's connection to Ilya Prakenskii is explained but not much comes of it.  I assume that will come to a head in a later book, but I wanted it now.  I want all the Prakenskii's to gather and have a little Prakenskii reunion.  They can toss around their psychic powers and drag their women off, cave man style, to have sexy sex in the shadows.

I liked it, okay.  I liked the book.  I liked that we get to examine (up to a point) the male counterpoint to the Drakes.  I just hope we get to meet more of Lev's family before the end of the series.

Steamy and sexy, as with all Christine Feehan books this isn't for the prudish or faint of heart.

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