Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Double Enchantment (Relics of Merlin #2) by Kathryne Kennedy

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Lady Jasmina was in a world of trouble. A simple spell had gone disastrously haywire and now there was a woman running around London who looked exactly like her--a woman with no sense of propriety whatsoever. All Society was whispering, and a baronet she'd never met was suddenly acting like he knew her...in a most intimate way. To find her double and set things right, they'd have to work together--braving the fog-shrouded streets, a mysterious group called the Brotherhood, and a passion stronger than any magic.
My Thoughts: I read and reviewed Enchanting the Lady (Relics of Merlin #1) a while back and I loved the world that Kathryne Kennedy created enough to dive into book #2.  I can't exactly say that this book added much to the world itself but it was still a fun romp in a time when women wore lots of clothes and the nobility were defined by the amount of magic they could perform.

In a change of pace from book 1, Sir Sterling, our intrepid baronet, is not a relic hunter.  He's hunting for his sister, who everyone assumes has run off, and he's never run across the relic scent before and doesn't know what he's on the trail of when he does catch its scent.  He's a down on his luck baronet who doesn't care for Society and prefers to spend time working his vineyard.  Jasmina's family, on the other hand, is entirely tied up in what's proper and accepted by Society.  They frown upon the Were-animals and Jasmina has inherited some of their prejudices.  On the other hand, Jasmina's mother's sticky fingers have forced Jasmina to step out of the role of a proper lady (even if it's only in secret) to keep it covered up.  She's a crack at breaking and entering and often has to traverse the mean streets late at night to return the trinkets her mother "borrows".

I just like this whole world.  It's fun and interesting.  I get magic and were-creatures and a diabolical use of magic.  I get sexy shenanigans and gardens of wondrous delights.  Lovely.

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