Friday, December 17, 2010

Review: Our Little Secret by Starr Ambrose

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Lauren Sutherland tries to set a good example for her twin sister, from her practical job to her dependable, if boring, fiancé. So when impulsive Meg elopes with her boss, a U.S. senator twice her age, Lauren hops on a plane to talk her into an annulment...but comes face-to-face with the senator's handsome son, Drew, instead.

Demanding to know what she's done with his father, Drew is as infuriating as he is annoyingly irresistible. But he's not the only one who mistakes Lauren's identity. A relentless foe is on a deadly hunt for the missing newlyweds -- unless Lauren and Drew can find them first.

Venturing into the elite Washington social scene, they discover an elaborate web of explicit photos and blackmail, but the biggest surprise is the fiery attraction they can barely control. The clock is ticking, and while the sparks between Lauren and Drew burn hot, the trail of clues is growing cold....
I picked this up as a free online read through Pocket After Dark.  If you haven't checked them out, GO!  You can try new authors without putting yourself out at all.

My Thoughts: Since I'm normally not a big fan of contemporary romance, this book took me by surprise by how much I enjoyed it.  Lauren and Drew had some fun chemistry going on.  Was I completely convinced that Lauren would just toss over her staid, boring fiance for a fling with smokin' hot Drew?  Yes and no.  I think she was primed to break out of her predictable lifestyle but I don't quite know that she would jump so wholeheartedly into an affair with someone she'd known for such a short time.  However, the story and characters were so engaging that I just went with it.

There's a bit of a mystery thrown in as Lauren and Drew have to unravel where her sister and his father have disappeared to.  The more they learn the more they come to see that there may be more going on than they originally thought.  I'm actually terrible with mysteries but I figured it out before the big reveal, so take that as you will.

Overall, it was fun and sexy.  Delving into Washington politics to sort through the mystery was interesting, although that's very much not my normal type of thing.  I guess I'm saying that I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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  1. hmmmmm not sure this is for me, but I love your honest review! Great job, Kelly :)