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Review: His Conquest by Diana Cosby

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Linet Dancort will not be sold. But that's essentially what her brother intends to do - to trade her like so much chattel to widen his already vast scope of influence. Linet will seize any opportunity to escape her fate - and opportunity comes in the form of a rebel prisoner locked in her brother's dungeon, predatory and fearsome, and sentenced to hang in the morning.

Seathan MacGruder, Earl of Grey, is not unused to cheating death. But even this legendary Scottish warrior is surprised when a beautiful Englishwoman creeps to his cell and offers him his freedom. What Linet wants in exchange, though - safe passage to the Highlands - is a steep price to pay. For the only thing more dangerous than the journey through embattled Scotland is the desire that smolders between these two fugitives the first time they touch...
My Thoughts: I'm going to go on record here as saying that Highland romances are kinda a guilty pleasure of mine.  I'm not enamoured of them to the point where I must have every single one that crosses my path but I tend to view them a fun, fluffy diversion from all that real-life stuff that crops up from time to time.  I mean, there's something about a brawny guy that can ride a horse and swing a sword while nearly naked that makes my breath catch in my throat.

That said, there's a lot of backstory and history in this book that, while interesting, almost made me feel like I was back in school being forced to learn things.  Egad!  The horror!  Not that I'm knocking historical accuracy, but I want it a little less in my face and more an organic part of the scenery.  I will say that all the rebellion set a good back drop for Linet and Seathan's story but... fluffy diversion, guys.  I wanted a fluffy diversion and I got a history lesson.

Now I feel really shallow.  I mean, it's good to learn things.  I should want to learn things.  Yet sometimes I want nothing more than sweaty Scottish sex with a lot of thrusting and parrying.  I'm talking about swordplay, guys.  I swear!  No, you're right.  I wasn't.

In all, while this was a interesting story, I could have done with a little less history and a little more of that unresolved sexual tension.  Wait.  I didn't mean that.  Any more sexual tension and those two would have combusted on the spot.  I guess I'm saying that it was good, just a little deeper and more real than I was expecting.

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