Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Lucien's Gamble: A Novella From Bad Boys Ahoy! by Sylvia Day

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Lucien Remington's reputation as a debauched libertine who plays by no one's rules--in business or the bedroom--is well deserved. He gets what he wants, social repudiation be damned. But society can keep from him the one thing he truly desires, the untouchable Lady Julienne La Coeur. Until she sneaks into his club dressed as a man and searching for her irresponsible brother. Suddenly she's in Lucien's grasp, his to take, and his mind is filled with the most wickedly sinful thoughts. A gentleman would walk away from the temptation she presents. But then, Lucien has never claimed to be a gentleman...
My Thoughts:When I first started reading this book, I had some confusion.  I was sure I'd read it already.  I was so sure of it that I hopped onto my Read list at Goodreads to see when.  It turns out that I read the first chapter(ish) as a teaser at the end of Catching Caroline.  Ahh!  Now I remembered why Julienne seemed so familiar!  She had a bit part in Caroline's story.  *looks around victoriously hoping someone realizes that I occasionally use more than 2 brain cells at one time*  *slinks back to writing the review when I realize that my son isn't going to stroke my ego in this case*

I really liked this story.  Julienne is opinionated and curious and she isn't afraid to do the opposite of what society expects her to do.  Of course, she's also a woman trapped in a time when they were little more than baggage to be bought and sold by their male relatives.  This doesn't stop Julienne from learning about sex (via books) or thinking that the long standing relationship between a member of the aristocracy and his courtesan is sweetly romantic.  So, while she's not afraid to think on her own, she's still somewhat bound by the rules of the society she lives in.

Not terribly long, but the story was fun and it played out nicely.

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