Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: Silver Bound by Ella Drake

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Sheriff Guy Trident doesn’t have much to do with off-worlders; he has his hands full keeping his own planet safe. But he’ll do anything, go anywhere to save Jewel Quinn. She broke his heart years ago when she left to marry a Terraloft aristocrat. Now she’s run away from her husband, only to fall into the clutches of slavers.

Posing as a wealthy playboy, Guy arrives at Zuthuru Station to learn he’s too late: Jewel’s memories have been erased. She’s been tipped in silver, a process that leaves nothing behind except her body, sexually bound to pleasuring her master. Unwilling to give up hope, Guy buys her.

Jewel fights to reclaim herself, recalling a different connection to the handsome sheriff, remembering the frightened eyes of a young boy and the events that made her run. Together she and Guy search for her cure, plan her son’s rescue from her ruthless ex, and test if they have any kind of future...before the past catches up to them.
My Thoughts:  This was a free Wednesday-in-February download from Carina Press.  There were aspects I enjoyed about it very much (the idea of silver tipping and the sexual submission that came with it was intriguing) but there were a few things that I never quite connected with.  The main one being that I didn't understand why all law enforcement was loathe to try to help her.  Regardless of her status as a sex slave, the fact that she was kidnapped and forced into sexual servitude BY HER HUSBAND as a way of controlling her should have given her some measure of protection with the law.  Instead, everyone who came across she and Guy together kept harping on how Guy wasn't allowed to own slaves.  Dude.  Okay.  But, once again, I would think that someone who was the victim of a crime (did you hear that part about being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery??) would have earned the right to be helped in any way possible.  Even Guy's Mounty friend, who knew that what her husband had done to her, said he couldn't get involved.  I really, really didn't get that.

And after that mini-rant I'm going to say that I really enjoyed this book.  Like I said, the idea was intriguing.  I liked that Jewel had to battle to get her memories back.  I liked that Guy was willing to go to the ends of the universe if needed to help her.  I just flat out like spacey sci-fi things.  I just wish that her status as a silver tip hadn't reduced her to nothing more than a possession in the eyes of the law.

All in all, it was a well written story that spans planets and space stations.  The sex was steamy and the ending was ultimately satisfactory.

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