Monday, March 14, 2011

Quickie Review: Stopping Time (Wicked Lovely #2.5) by Melissa Marr

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Leslie walked away from the Dark Court, determined to reclaim her life and live it on her own terms-even if it meant leaving behind the two faeries who love her. She knows Niall and Irial watch over her, and she would give almost anything to keep them from hurting. But she resists the pull to be with either one of them.

Someone knows about Leslie's past, however, and is intent on using her to reach the fey. And he doesn't care who gets hurt.
My Thoughts: You know, I can easily see Irial becoming my favorite Faeries.  He's got the sexy, powerful thing going for him, topped with a dark streak and a willingness to do the right thing for his people.  That's just... hot.

This was one of those nice little glimpses into the world of our characters after the end of a book.  Leslie made the choice to walk away from Niall and Irial and from the Dark Court because she didn't like the person she was when she was in it.  It wasn't an easy decision for her to make and it's still not easy.  She's struggling.  Against her yearning for both men and with the fears she has to live with after the attack on her.  Although it would be easy for her lean on either Irial or Niall, when the chips are down she doesn't.  She made the choice to stand on her own two feet and she's going to do it, come hell or high water.

I really like these stories that let us see that everything wasn't magically perfect after the last paragraph.  Life is dirty and hard and sometimes brutal, but Leslie is finding her way.

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