Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review: The Vampire Dimitri (Regency Draculia #2) by Colleen Gleason

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Regency London loves a Society wedding –
Even if there are vampires on the guest list.

Dimitri, the Earl of Corvindale, should be delighted that the headstrong Maia Woodmore is getting married. His mortal ward and houseguest has annoyed – and bewitched – the Dracule nobleman too long, and denying his animal cravings grows more excruciating by the day.

Miss Woodmore's family has a rather...complicated history with the immortals and she herself possesses a keen sensibility far beyond mere women's intuition. Marriage will give her safety, respectability, and everything else a proper young lady could wish for. Everything, that is, except for passion.

In the looming battle between Dracule factions, all pretenses will shatter as Maia and Dimitri come together in an unholy union of danger, desperation, and fiercest desire.
My Thoughts:  I liked this one.  I think I liked it more than book 1 and that's saying a lot since I thought book 1 was ridiculously fun.  I did have a bit of a hard time getting into the beginning of this one but that was simply because it was a retreading of the events that led to Angelica and Voss getting together except that it was told through the eyes of Maia and Dimitri.  Once we got past that and onto new ground the story flew.

Now, I flat out liked Dimitri.  He was the vampire equivalent of a crotchety old man yelling at kids to stay off his lawn - although in his case he was yelling at Maia to stay out of his study - while burying himself in his books and self-inflicted agony.  Maia was, if I'm being completely honest, a bit of a nag.  Was there anything she wouldn't latch onto like a bulldog and beat into the ground?  I especially loved how she berated Dimitri for wrapping her in a curtain to save her when the bad vampires put in an unexpected appearance.  Of course a gentleman should take the time to explain his actions when he's trying to keep a young lady alive, you silly girl.  What was he thinking?

All in all, it was a fun way to spend my afternoon.  Dimitri had this studious, feral edge that I found fascinating.  You know, those two things shouldn't have worked together but they did.  He was all brainy and intelligent while battling his urge to sink his fangs into Maia.  Yum.

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