Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quickie Review: Destiny by Design by Wylie Kinson

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Interior designer Ellis Strathmore has been chosen to compete in the Oak Ridges Development Competition, along with a handful of other designers - including her former boss and nemesis, Cynthia Travers. With the deadline just weeks away, the design teams are under intense pressure to finish. A relative novice known for her unusual approach to decorating, Ellis is determined to prove her talent, artistry and professionalism when creating the perfect home office.

One week into the Oak Ridges Competition and Simon Callon would happily trade Callon & Son Construction for a string of donut shops. Tools and supplies keep mysteriously disappearing and two of the designers are making his life miserable. He'd worked with Cynthia Travers before and knew how to handle her demands, but quirky Ellis Strathmore, with her uncanny ability to both annoy and arouse him, has Simon questioning his normally solid judgment.

Ellis and Simon clash over paint colors, work schedules and cabinets, but they can't deny the sexual chemistry that's building between them. The perfect palette for passion comes together with a brush of danger, tones of teasing banter and a touch of naked painting in Destiny by Design.
My Thoughts: As short as this story is, it packed a lot of sexy wallop.  I mean, I always appreciate any story that manages to have two people pressed up against one another in a closet while the bad guys linger outside.  I'm not kidding about that, either.  It totally worked for this story.  Plus, the make-out/groping session afterward was pretty darn hot.  As was the single finger teasing.  I mean, geez!  I almost needed a cold shower after that scene.

I liked how Simon was so infuriated by Ellis and her somewhat flighty ways but at the same time he couldn't keep away from her.  The mystery of who would want to cause Ellis to fail wasn't all that hard to figure out but I enjoyed it all the same.

Definitely a fun and sexy way to spend an afternoon.

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