Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: Ecstasy by Bella Andre

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Candace, a newcomer to writing erotica, is thrilled when Charlie, a veteran of the industry, agrees to be her mentor. But neither of them ever expected that Charlie's lessons on new positions, using toys, varying locations and role playing would spiral from verbal instruction into hot, hands on education. Unfortunately, Candace's deception about the new erotic romance she's writing--where Charlie plays the starring role--is about to threaten their one chance at true love.
My Thoughts: A pretty steamy read that cuts between Candy and Charlie "practicing" their erotica and the stories that the two of them (mostly Candy) are writing from the things they're learning.  I liked the sex between the two mains but I have a hard time with how many times the word "vagina" popped up in Candy's writing.  Dude.  I get it.  Her vagina was primed and ready.  Can we use a different word now?  Like, "her delicious honeypot"?  I'm just kidding about that one.  Don't use honeypot.

Anyway.  I liked the book.  I liked how sexy it was.  I liked how hot it was.  I just wanted less vagina and more "creamy heat".  If you know what I'm sayin'.

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Ecstasy was a free Kindle download I picked up on 05/07/11.


  1. I just downloaded this one online and am looking forward to getting to it. The word vagina is awkward to me in erotic literature. It's so... scientific. I agree there are much better words to use.