Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: Heart of the Witch by Alicia Dean

Synopsis (Goodreads):
A beautiful young witch must choose between maintaining the anonymity of her coven and trusting the detective who would bring a heartless serial killer to justice.
My Thoughts:  While this wasn't a bad book by any means, I was never really drawn into it to the point of being unable to put it down.  I never connected with the characters like I thought I should.  In part, I think this stems from initially meeting Ravyn as she was on the verge of being tortured.  I didn't have the chance to get into her head before she was closing down as she attempted to deal with her kidnapping, torture and misuse of her powers.

Now, in all fairness I should point out that Ravyn was known for being emotionally closed off.  She doesn't cry.  She's prickly.  She's more focused on her magic than on bothering to be friendly to those around her.  While her emotional distance is explained as being part of her personality, it made her a hard character to get to know.

As for Nick, once he managed to pull himself together and focus on catching the bad guy he became someone worth reading about.  He was interesting.  He was dynamic.  But it takes him time to let go of the bottle and realize that there's more to life than wallowing in his guilt.

Like I said, it wasn't a bad book.  There were just times were it seemed to lose focus and I'd find my attention wandering.  That said, I did read it over the course of one day so that must say something.

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Heart of the Witch was a free Kindle download I picked up on 05/28/11.

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