Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Voice of the Blood (Voice of the Blood #1) by Jemiah Jefferson

Synopsis (Goodreads):
The ordinary life of a grad student was so boring for Ariane. She was desperate for some change, some excitement to shake things up. She had no idea she was only one step away from a whole new world -- a world of darkness and decay, of eternal life and eternal death. But once she fell prey to Ricari she would learn more about this world that she ever dreamed possible. More than anyone should dare to know...if they value their soul.
My Thoughts: There were things about this book I liked A LOT - namely the casual brutality of these vampires - and then there were things that I wasn't as enamoured of.  For one thing, I never felt like Ariane liked herself.  She threw away the man she loved at the first chance she got and fell for a  man who denies a very fundamental part of himself.  Although part of me can see how Ariane would be attracted to to Ricari, part of me wanted to sit her down and give her a stern talking to.  Why would she love a man who hates himself?

Then there was Daniel.  As the polar opposite of Ricari, I understand why she'd be drawn to him.  His charisma and flamboyance were seductive after the way Ricari slunk through life.  Yet, I never felt like Ariane and Daniel fit together.  She was a scientist, he's a sociopathic killer who embraces a lifestyle of excess and the occasional depravity.  On one hand, her moral compass appeared to crash and burn once she hooked up with Ricari so maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Dark written with a fast-paced voice, Jemiah Jefferson has created a world peppered with sometimes brutal, sometimes uncaring, always sensual creatures.  I didn't always understand the choices the characters made but I couldn't put the book down once I started it.  As a word of warning, this book contains lots of blood and even more sex.  Sometimes at the same time.

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