Friday, May 13, 2011

Series Review: Moon Trilogy by CL Bevill

Black Moon (Moon Trilogy #1) by CL Bevill
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Donovan is a werejaguar sworn to fight against his enemies, the dreaded werewolf clan - the Whitelaws. Isabella is an uncommon librarian, a member of the Committee. When she faces down the Whitelaws to retrieve a very dangerous book, she encounters Donovan and their lives will never be the same.
My Thoughts:  A nice start to a series.  It moved quickly and introduced the Committee as a group determined to keep dangerous magical items out of the hands of those that would abuse them.  Despite the length, Isabella and Donovan were both given a bit of backstory and they come together in a satisfactory manner.
Amber Moon (Moon Trilogy #2) by CL Bevill
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Mirie has been sent to watch a handsome elvish prince because he's alleged to have the mysterious Eyes of the Amber Moon, an artifact that can destroy the world. Instead she becomes embroiled in elvish politics and has to guard for her life, even while she attempts to discover who she really is.
My Thoughts:  With all new characters, this story focuses on the 2nd artifact that the Committee is trying to get their hands on.  I think this one is stronger than the first story, in part because the world and hierarchy of the elves seems better laid out.  I liked that Mirie had to work through her identity issues on top of falling in magical love and solving crime in the Elvish realm.  Fast and fun, the new characters expanded the world nicely and kept the storyline moving.
Silver Moon (Moon Trilogy #3) by CL Bevill
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Jack Drake must discover what the secretive third part of the moon relic is and destroy it before it can be used to decimate the world. The equally mysterious Asta is hot on Jack’s tail, eager to gain his trust and find the Silver Moon’s Mystery. Together the pair must endure a trial of fire, dragons, and werewolves.
My Thoughts:  A nice conclusion to the overall arc.  The villains are unmasked, the good guys triumph and magical mayhem takes place.  While I enjoyed meeting up with and seeing how some of the other characters have gotten on, I wasn't as enamoured of this story as I was of the 2nd.  Jack and Asta were an interesting couple but a little more time spent watching them dance around one another would have been nice.  Still, I liked it and I liked that Jack ended up having hidden depths.

Overall Thoughts:  These three short stories work well together, feeding off the information given in previous installments and keeping the action moving.  There were times when the writing didn't feel quite as polished as I think it could have been, but it was a nice, fast read that managed to touch on several different paranormal mythologies and mix them together nicely.

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  1. I freakin love this author

  2. I freakin love this author.

  3. I love these books they are really good I couldn't stop reading them :)
    I would also like to recommend to the people who have read these books by this author to read Harvest Moon it focuses on the cat clan and the character wheeler who appeared at the end of the black moon it focuses more on him other characters from the black moon also appear in this book these include donavon and isabella