Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Two Weddings (and One Near Funeral) (Southern Arcana #3.5) by Moira Rogers

Synopsis (Goodreads):
In this short story set between books three & four of the Southern Arcana series, you get two weddings for the price of one. Find out how Mackenzie and Jackson ended up enjoying a honeymoon in Vegas--and how bad Alec and Carmen's wedding had to be to drive them there.

This story is provided as a free read for fans of the series, and may contain spoilers for books 1-3 of the Southern Arcana series, and confusion for anyone not familiar with the characters involved. Read with caution!

Two Weddings (and One Near Funeral) is a free short story offered through Moira Rogers' website.

My Thoughts: I've made no effort to disguise my glee with this series.  It's snarky, sexy, and it's set in one of the more well-realized worlds I've come across in fiction.  The cast of characters is as wonderfully diverse as they are fiercely loyal.  As you can probably guess, when Moira Rogers puts out anything related to this series I jump on it and put it in a headlock.  No fooling.

This short story gathers together the characters from the previous three books and plops them down in the midst of Alec and Carmen's wedding preparations.  As always, the characters shine... especially Mackenzie who is battling the urge to express her Alpha-ness in sudden and violent ways.

For those that have followed these characters since Mackenzie and Jackson battled their attraction to one another in Crux, this is a must-read.  For those of you that haven't picked up this series yet, this is the perfect time to start it since Book 4 comes out at the beginning of September.

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