Friday, August 5, 2011

Review: Haunting the Night (Past Midnight #2.5) by Mara Purnhagen

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Charlotte Silver has been through hell.

Her mom’ s in a coma. She may have caused the death of a young man. And now her friend Avery wants her to tackle going to Prom? Not going to happen, even if she is dying to spend some alone time with her boyfriend, Noah. Instead, Charlotte needs to find some answers to a few nagging questions—why was her family attacked? Will her mother survive? And is there a creature from the Other Side coming for her? Soon enough, Charlotte's search for the truth becomes a race against time. But she may just find the sign she's been looking for all along....
My Thoughts:  This was a nice little jump back into the Past Midnight world.  The events pick up not long after book 2 ends and it deals with the repercussions of the attack on Charlotte and her family nicely.  I can also see some nice setup for things that will be dealt with in book 3 -Noah's bruise being foremost amongst those things.

Naturally, Charlotte feels guilt over what happened to her mother.  She's dealing with it by telling everyone she's fine and ignoring the shadow creature that has started appearing at random.  This is pretty consistent with Charlotte's actions in the earlier books because, you know, ignoring something always makes it go away.  Yep.

Honestly, it's an entertaining step back into Charlotte's world.  I don't really think this can be read as a stand alone since a lot of what happens is built on what happened in book 2, but then there's also a good amount of explanation so maybe you could read it on its own.  I don't know.  I read the earlier books.  I know what's going on.  It's hard for me to distance myself from that.

Book 3 comes out at the end of September 2011, so this is a great way to get reaquainted with the characters before diving back into a full length novel.

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