Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Lord of Rage (Royal House of Shadows #2) by Jill Monroe

Release date: September 20, 2011
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Once upon a time...the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden.

To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with vengeance. Only a magical timepiece connects the four royal heirs...and time is running out....

Princess Breena had been dreaming of her warrior lover when she was ripped from her Elden castle and thrown into a strange, dangerous realm. Lost and alone, she prayed for survival and vengeance for her stolen kingdom. She found both in a woodland a dark bear of a man.

The golden-haired beauty had eaten his food and slept in his bed when Osborn found her. Though he wanted to awaken his virgin princess to carnal pleasures, Breena wanted more—including his warrior skills. Skills the once-legendary mercenary had long buried. Now Osborn had a choice—risk his life or deny his princess her fairy-tale ending.
My Thoughts:  This is a twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and I loved it!  Mostly because that's not a fairy tale that normally gets a lot of love and now I want to know why it doesn't.  Let's break this down: Hot chick in a house with three dudes who are Bear Warriors.  Or might some day be Bear Warriors.  Okay, so two of them are a little young for her, but that third one more than makes up for it.  Because hot guys with the spirit of a Bear in them are SEXY.  Especially when they get all growly and possessive.

I really liked that Breena was a fairy tale princess who grew to be something more.  She sees that the pampered princess isn't going to be able to do the things she needs to do, so she changes herself.  I can respect that.  In fact, I applaud that.

For his part, Osborn fights against fate for as long as he can before throwing in the towel.  That poor guy.  Strong as a bear and he's brought down by a bitty girl.  I'll be honest, that's one of the reasons I read paranormal romance books.  I love it when the big, growly man gets wrapped around his lady's finger.

Now, being that this is the second book in a series that will ultimately be interconnected, I find it interesting that both book 1 and book 2 could be read as stand-alones at this point.  Seeing as how the 4 heirs were scattered and are slowly working their way back to their home and, at this point, have no interaction with one another, I am mighty intrigued to see how things are going to play out and how all the pieces will come together.

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Lord of Rage was provided for review by Harlequin through NetGalley.

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