Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: The Perfect Creation (Creations #1) by Marie Harte

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Science can create many things, but only a troublemaking Mardu can introduce Erin to the wonders of love.

Rafe of Mardu has a problem. He's sent to baby-sit his troublesome older brother, and in the process finds himself kidnapped by a woman too perfect to be real, with the strength of an inhumanly powerful being. To make matters worse, he's mistaken for his old alter-ego, Cheltam—a criminal mastermind who actually serves as a cover for Rafe's real work as a lawman.

But Erin, his kidnapper, needs his help, and Rafe is unable to deny the protective instincts, as well as the lust, he feels in her presence. He agrees to help her, posing as Cheltam. And they seal the deal with more than a kiss, in an act that changes Rafe's world forever. When he learns that this special woman is a Creation, an 'abomination' in the eyes of the System and one that is to be terminated on sight, Rafe doesn't just bend the rules, he breaks them. Together, he and Erin will take on the laboratory that created her.

The odds are against them, but if they're successful, Rafe plans on a future with the woman he considers his mate...if only he can convince her that his love is real.
My Thoughts: And my string of good sexy sci-fi books continues.  You can't ask for much more out of life than that.  Seriously.

I've read several books by Marie Harte at this point and I've been continually impressed with both her world building and her characters.  Erin and Rafe are both strong characters who fight for the things they believe in and do what needs to be done to get themselves out of sticky situations.  I liked that Erin had submissive tendencies bred into her but she was learning to suppress them.  Well, until she finds herself liking it when Rafe gets a little dominant with her.  What can I say?  I like the idea that a woman can be strong and focused and yet be willing to give her partner control in the bedroom.  Or in the forest.   Or in the bunk of a ship.  You know, where ever they might end up getting down and dirty.

This book definitely sets up for later books in the series while closing out Erin and Rafe's story in a very satisfactory manner.  Also?  It was hot.  Very hot.  And a little sad.  Actually, it was more than a little sad, what with the torture and holding people prisoner and such.  All in all, a quick read with plenty of depth and hot sex on a distant planet.

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The Perfect Creation was a free ARE download I picked up 04/09/11.

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