Monday, September 12, 2011

Quickie Review: Wild Knights (Passion Unbound #1) by Tawny Taylor

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Secretary Maggie Dunning loves her romance novels. Her favorite--Conquered by the Knight, the story of two dominant, sexy shapeshifters, Xander and Bastien. To be possessed by two powerful Masters? Heavy, happy, lust-filled sigh!

But that’s just fantasy. It could never happen in real life...right?

Little did she know that a paper cut and a few muttered words would make all her fantasies come to life, including the hunky Xander and Bastien. One minute she’s cozy in bed sleeping, the next she’s dragged into a world she’d thought only existed in her imagination, to face her most secret desires...and her worst fears.

Bastien and Xander have their own challenges to face--a crime to investigate and a dangerous threat to the Twelfth Night Brotherhood to uncover. But they won't let that stop them from seizing their fascinating new bride and introducing her to the ecstasy of complete surrender.
My Thoughts: I wanted to like this book.  Seriously, my first thought when I saw that it was an erotic paranormal romance was "SWEET!"  Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to the hype in my head.  For erotica, it was surprisingly light on the sex.  There was a lot of buildup but it kept fizzling out before they got to the good stuff.  We spent a lot of time in Maggie's head but because she was going all memory-fuzzed, we really didn't get to know her all that well.  By that same token, Xander kept excusing himself from their playtime and Bastien just seemed like he was along for the ride.

Like I said, I wanted to like this book but it never quite came together for me.

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Wild Knights was a free Kindle download I picked up 08/30/11.

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