Friday, October 28, 2011

Review: Away (The Line #2) by Teri Hall

Synopsis (Goodreads):
After crossing the Line, Rachel finds herself in a world where survival is never guaranteed - a world where bizarre creatures roam the woods and people have strange abilities. Everything has gone to ruin Away and the survivors have banded into warring clans. Rachel finds her father being held prisoner by a tribe of Others, and she and her new friends set out to rescue him. But when they cross back over the Line, Rachel and Pathik make a foolish decision, bringing them into further danger that can only be resolved with an unthinkable sacrifice.
My Thoughts: I am pleased to say that I enjoyed this book far more than I enjoyed book 1.  Far more.  I don't know if it was the broken setting or the introduction of all the new characters, but I was interested and engaged throughout the entire book.  My biggest complaint is that things seem to happen too easily.  Whenever the good guys are in a bind, something pops up to make things everything better.  That said, it didn't bother me to the point that I couldn't enjoy the story.

As far as the characters go, Rachel wasn't the biggest draw.  Pathik and the Others were.  The way they've had to adapt and make do in a world that's harsh and unforgiving caught my attention.  I loved that even the gentle and levelheaded Nandy sometimes felt terrible anger toward the Regs.  She knows that Rachel has nothing to do with the events that caused them to be abandoned but she can't help lashing out when it becomes overwhelming.  On the other side of the coin, the squalor and brutality of the rival Others' camp made a nice foil for the civilization that Indigo has managed to eke out for his people.

Interesting, dark and gritty, I was pleased with the direction the storyline took.  Plus, the cover is very pretty.

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  1. It sounds a bit like Ilona Andrews Edge series. I haven't heard of this one before. Could I skip book one and start with this one?