Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review: Miss Minnie and the Brass Pluggit by Sahara Kelly

Synopsis (Goodreads):
He isn’t made of brass…but that won’t stop him from steaming up her nights.

Flouting convention and raising eyebrows from aristocratic drawing rooms to Whitehall, Lady Minnie Dalrymple takes men to her bed as she pleases. She doesn’t do favors outside the boudoir, particularly for politically powerful men whose motives are rarely pure. Yet when her lover asks her to visit the mysterious Dr. Pierce Lowell, she’s intrigued. Why should she be asked to essentially spy on the reclusive scientist?

Pierce has several projects under development, none of which he cares to share with the public. The arrival of any unexpected guest rouses suspicion, but the wealthier-than-God, eccentric young widow certainly isn’t threatening…not to his experiments, anyway. To his heart? That’s another matter entirely.

Their lighthearted, mutual exploration is interrupted by the discovery of a woman’s body found strangled just offshore. When Minnie learns this is the fourth such crime, it isn’t difficult to convince Pierce that working at his side to uncover the plot is the safest place to be. Until she is kidnapped. To save the woman he has come to love, Pierce must call on every ounce of ingenuity and brilliance—and reveal his most closely guarded secret.

Warning: Contains scientific references, unlaced Victorian desire and some really nasty villains at war with fascinating machines. Author is not responsible for any consequent urge to dismantle a vacuum cleaner and build a mechanical man.
My Thoughts:  I haven't read anything by Sahara Kelly before and I was enchanted by both the world she's created and her style of writing.  I loved loved loved Minnie's no-nonsense approach to sex.  She knows what she wants and she's not going to let anyone - Queen or society - tell her she can't have it.  It was refreshing and incredibly well written.  Frankly, I just adored Minnie.  Period.  I liked that she's a confident business woman and she's not afraid to use her brain.  I loves that she found the bawdy humor in a lighthouse shaped like a giant brass penis.  I like how she accepts the physical  limitations of those around her with grace and friendship.

The mystery of the murders is interesting and brings the cast of characters into close contact.  All the characters had great dynamic together - and yes, Pierce and Minnie sure can steam up the sheets.  Oh, ha.  Steam.  I make myself laugh.

A very fun, sexy read with the added bonus of spying and steam powered gadgets.  Frankly, I zipped right through this book because I didn't want to put it down.  Sexy steampunk is like crack, you can't take just one hit.  Or you have to take it in one fell swoop.  I'm a little unclear of that part.

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