Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: The Possession by Jaid Black

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Kris Torrence wants to experience sexual submission to a man once in her lifetime. Having a reputation for being a sedate, boring professor, nobody at her university job suspects anything when she signs up to work for five days at an exclusive gentlemen's resort that caters to wealthy men seeking submissive sex slaves...

Jack McKenna has been Dr. Kris Torrence's longtime nemesis. When he sees a naked sex slave walking around the resort whose long, dark red hair reminds him of the woman who will have nothing to do with him, he decides to buy her. When he sees her face for the first time, Jack and Kris will both get the shock of a lifetime...
My Thoughts:  I can't say I loved this book but as far as the sex went, it was fun and naughty.  My biggest issue was that everything wrapped itself up so perfectly.  It was too easy for me.  On the other hand, it's not like I picked up the book for its deep introspective discourse on the rise and fall of human civilization.  I read it for the sex.  And I got sex in it.  So, you know, yay!

This is one book where you have to shelve your disbelief while reading it.  I had a bit of a giggle over Kris being worried that someone from her school might someday see pictures of her sitting naked on someone's lap and then allowing them to take incredibly lewd photos of her none-the-less.  Sure, I handwaved it and moved on with the story, but you'd think if that was something that might derail her teaching career she might want to write in a no-photo clause into her contract with the resort.  I'm just sayin'.

All in all, it was a naughty, little read that was a bit of voyeuristic fun.  Although it wasn't life altering, it was a nice way to spend an evening.

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The Possession was a free Kindle download I picked up 12/10/11.


  1. Is it more believable than the GIANT GREEN DILDO story?

  2. *thinks* It's very different from the GIANT GREEN DILDO story. I mean... Green alien dildo vs submissive professor on a sex island. Very different.