Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quickie Review: The Night by Felicity Heaton

Synopsis (Goodreads):
A powerful seventh level wizard, the last thing Zane expected to happen in his life was being cursed, even if he did deserve it. Each night he turns into a cat and remains that way until dawn breaks. His search for a cure uncovered rumours of a powerful witch who might be the only one in the world who could save him. From the moment he set eyes on the beautiful and mysterious Celene, he was lost.

Celene took Zane in without question a year ago and since that night she has been falling for him. Fearing he will leave if he discovers the truth about her, Celene learns all that she can from books and does all in her power to help him, but nothing is working and from daybreak to nightfall she must leave him to fight on alone.

When she realises that time is running out for Zane, Celene redoubles her effort to cure him but his stubborn refusal to tell her anything about the curse only hampers her efforts. But Celene can be stubborn too, and when she finds a slip of parchment with the clue she's been hoping for, she sets about forcing Zane to confront his past.

Will Celene be able to save the man she's come to love? And will Zane finally discover the truth about Celene and break his curse?
My thoughts: A lovely, quick story about the power of love and the breaking of curses.  As usual, Felicity Heaton has created a fun world and populated it with entertaining and emotion-filled characters. I have a tendency to get a kick out of books that begin with established relationships. Although in this case the relationship wasn't of a sexual nature when the story began, watching Celene and Zane discover that the feelings they've been harboring are more than just gratitude and a driving need on Celene's part to cure him is sweet.

Full of secrets and passion, it was a nice story to pass an afternoon with.

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The Night was a free download from the author's website that I picked up 12/26/11.

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