Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Reveal (Cryptid Tales #1) by Brina Courtney

Synopsis (Goodreads):
High school senior Shay Tafford leads a less than normal life. Hiding her ability to speak to ghosts from her family and friends is one thing, but discovering there’s a beautiful boy named Hugh who has the same gift is an entirely different problem; especially when she’s been crushing on him for weeks. Since her life’s not already chaotic enough, her only confidante- a boy ghost- has disappeared as thoroughly as her father did twelve years ago. With Hugh’s help, Shay must find the answers she needs in order to save the people she loves from disappearing- forever. 
My Thoughts: Ghosts, a missing dad, random psychic powers... YES! I read the short story prequel to this book recently and LOVED the world. So, I picked up Reveal and jumped straight in.

Where to begin? Shay is a girl who has found a way to hide a very big part of herself from everyone she holds dear. The one person who did know her secret - the ghost Jeremy - was accidentally banished by Shay's careless words. So when she finds another someone with the ability to hear ghosts, of course she's drawn to him. Now, Hugh did some things that I probably would have punched him for. He kept secrets, he effectively kidnapped her (in a non-creepy way, mind you, but he still spirited her away without her consent) and he was a borderline jerk about it when she called him on it. That said, I still liked the guy. I can get behind a character that doesn't make all the right choices when they're cool and have sexy yellow eyes. Why, yes, I am shallow. Thank you for noticing.

Overall, it was an interesting take on how shapeshifters and various other psychic powers came about. Shay is intriguing and the setup for what's to come left me staring. Well done, Brina Courtney. Well done.

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  1. hahahaha. Kelly, shallow? No. Never. I don't believe it.

    1. 'Tis true. I'm also innocent. Perpetually innocent in all things. Wait. What?