Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review: It's a Dog's Life by Dale Mayer

Synopsis (Goodreads):
It's the first day of Ninna's job in the local animal shelter...and a dog is talking to her. Not just any dog...a fat, old, smart-alecky Basset Hound who says his name is Mosey.

She can't quit, she needs this job. And then there's the yummy vet. Who turns out to live across the street from her in a much bigger house than her tiny house. Big enough to hold a few animals - including the mouthy Mosey. With all this going on, she doesn't have time to worry about the rash of break-ins and the sense of being watched. She's too busy worrying that she's nuts.

When Ninna agrees to dog sit for the cute vet from work, she sees it as a trial at being a pet owner and a way to build on her budding relationship with the vet. For Mosey, this weekend means time to get to know each other.

For the stalker who's tracking Ninna's movements, it means…opportunity.
My Thoughts: Now, this book is a little outside my usual fare. I only mention this because most of you know that I'm a big fan of blood and guts and dastardly goings on. This book is light on most of those things (namely blood and guts. The dastardly goings on were present but they were of the scary-without-being-horribly-disfiguring variety) but Dale Mayer makes up for it with a fat, sassy dog and a hunky vet who loves animals. Oh, and Ninna who is over her head but determined not to give up.

Being in the situation where she can't afford to not have a job, Ninna sucks it up and does the best she can. This is despite the fact that she's never really been around animals before and she's suddenly hearing a dog talking. Did I mention that she has a bit of a thing for her new boss? And she's being stalked. Sort of. Well, she is, but she doesn't know she is. She just has this unsettled feeling and she doesn't quote know what to attribute it to.

Nicely paced with a heroine who is dealing with a sudden influx of weirdness while trying to pay her bills and get settled in to a new job. Like I said, it's outside my usual fare but I found it highly enjoyable.

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It's a Dog's Life was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This sound so cute and I like cute. It is my cats I want to hear talk though.