Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: Main Attraction by Anna J. Evans

Main Attraction (Perfectly Wicked #1) by Anna J. Evans
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Edna Emily Argent Rella runs the Wicked Stepmother and her Stepsisters S&M parlor in Kingdom City, but she has a secret. She's not so terribly wicked. A dominatrix by necessity, rather than calling, she does her best to capitalize on her naughty reputation. After the smear campaign waged by her stepdaughter Cynthia, there aren't many other employment options.Frank, the Captain of the Queen's Guard, has been sent to protect Edna from the stalker threatening her life. Posing as a client, this dominant male soon realizes he's in for more trouble than he bargained for.Because Edna is a born submissive. And Frank can't resist the urge to show her what she's been missing while on the Mistress side of the fence.
My Thoughts: I am always completely intrigued by the idea of a new twist on well-known fairy tales. The fact that this particular twist threw in a decidedly sexy bent was an added bonus. In this case, Edna is the sorely maligned wicked stepmother who's been forced to use her reputation as a hard-ass because of Queen Cindy's lies about her. This isn't the life Edna wants but she has no other choice. Enter the sexy Captain of the Guard who sees right through Edna's tough persona and wants to take charge and show her a good time. And by "good time" I mean "give her lots of orgasms while she's submitting to him". Just so we're clear.

Edna's overwhelmed by Frank. Frank's instantly smitten with Edna. There's a stalker hot on Edna's trail that Frank has been tasked with protecting her from. Now, this could have been just a sex romp of the highest magnitude but, no. Edna's on the brittle edge after a year of no one believing her. It made her a sympathetic character and I liked that.

Like I said, I enjoy twists on fairy tales and this one hit the spot for me. I wasn't displeased with the length but I also wouldn't have minded it being a bit longer so we could see more of Edna and Frank getting to know one another and find their footing in a relationship where neither has to pretend to be something they're not. Fun, fast and sexy.

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