Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: The Prophet by Amanda Stevens

The Prophet (Graveyard Queen #3) by Amanda Stevens
Synopsis (Goodreads):
My name is Amelia Gray.

I am the Graveyard Queen, a cemetery restorer who sees ghosts. My father passed down four rules to keep me safe and I’ve broken every last one. A door has opened and evil wants me back.

In order to protect myself, I’ve vowed to return to those rules. But the ghost of a murdered cop needs my help to find his killer. The clues lead me to the dark side of Charleston—where witchcraft, root doctors and black magic still flourish—and back to John Devlin, a haunted police detective I should only love from afar.

Now I’m faced with a terrible choice: follow the rules or follow my heart.
My Thoughts: After three books and a short story, I can officially say that I am over the moon in love with Amanda Stevens' writing style. It's gorgeous and evocative and I absolutely adore it. Her descriptions transport me into Amelia's world and have me looking over my shoulder to make sure no ghosts are dogging my footsteps. *shivers*

This time around, there are some very odd things going on in Charleston. Amelia's ghosts are becoming bolder and John Devlin's story takes a surprising turn. One of the things I adore is Amelia's attraction to Devlin. There comes a point where Amelia admits to herself that Devlin is the man for her. The only one. He's wormed his way into her heart and she accepts it. The thing is, her revelation isn't the be-all and end-all of the book. She loves him but there's no clear cut happily ever after waiting for them. Devlin still holds on to terrible guilt over his wife and daughter's death. Until he can let them go, he and Amelia can't be together. I don't know how many books are slated for this series but I can tell you that regardless of how long it takes, I'll keep coming back to watch these two orbit one another and slowly heal.

Here's the thing, as compelling as their part of the story is, don't let the lack of a HEA turn you off. Honestly, there's so much more here than thwarted love. Amelia's ghosts, the rise in her power, the gorgeous backdrop of abandoned cemeteries, and some nefarious goings on with a very shady character all combine into a powerful and haunting story.

Beautifully written, I plan on devouring every one of these books again and again.

Books in this series
0.5. The Abandoned
1. The Restorer
2. The Kingdom
3. The Prophet - Paperback | Kindle

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  1. Replies
    1. No HEA but the romance is still there. It's a slow build up and it's lovely. Devlin has some... issues he needs to work out before the two of them can end up together permanently.

  2. Ghost love stories always intrigue me.

    1. I am crazy in love with this series. Crazy.In.Love.