Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: Soul Protector by Misty Evans

Soul Protector (Lost Worlds #2) by Misty Evans
Synopsis (Goodreads)
Dr. Nathan Hunter has forty-eight hours to save his job and find the missing Salt Coast Clan, a lost civilization locals believe is a myth. When ancient human remains turn up at the site of a new state water project, he’s sure the lost tribe is real. Before he can examine the bones, however, a pretty female lawyer gets an injunction to stop him.

Nila Willopah sees ghosts. Although her soul is in danger from the spirits unearthed at the site, Nila is the one person who can stop the project and protect her ancestors’ last resting place from Dr. Hunter. She’s also the only one who can help the angry spirits cross over.

Nila suspects the sexy anthropologist is hiding a dark secret behind his clear blue eyes and skilled hands. A secret she wants nothing to do with. But when a ghost latches onto his soul, Nila must set aside her fears and suspicions and enter the world of spirit communication to protect him.
My Thoughts: I kind of have this love affair with ghosts. They scare the pants off me and I love them for that. I'm not going to lie here, the idea of vengeful spirits who have the ability to possess people and basically wear them like a meat suit gives me the shivers.

Nathan and Nila spark nicely off one another. His obsession with finding a civilization that everyone else doesn't believe exists is slowly killing him - emotionally, not physically. He's attracted to Nila from the first time he lays eyes on her and he *really* doesn't want to be. Her position with the local tribe has them going toe to toe over the remains and his desire to kiss her just makes things more difficult. Nila, meanwhile, is dealing with some hardcore guilt and Nathan's otherworldly abilities threaten to pull her back into an aspect of her life that she's tried to distance herself from.

One of the things I really enjoyed is that the events in book 1 come full circle in this book and we get a bit more resolution to Keva's story. Plus, I have a soft spot for seeing how previous characters have grown into their relationships and what they're doing with their lives after their story is done.

Fast paced and nicely dark, Nathan and Nila are two characters I'd like on my side if I were faced with a horde of angry ghosts. Also, one of my favorite plot devices is when a couple get unexpectedly snowed in and have to spend quality time in close quarters. I can now add "stranded when a mudslide washes out the road" to that list. Bring on the mud and muck, people. I'm ready for it.

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  1. Great review, and I feel the same way about ghosts! I loved how fast paced this one was.

  2. Kelly, I hate to point this out, but in order for something to scare the pants off you, you actually have to be wearing pants.

    1. *looks down sheepishly* You are, as usual, correct.

    2. I would be a bad friend if I forced you to put pants on.

    3. And this, right here, is why you're my best blogging friend!
      *huggles you*