Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Gateway to Heaven by Beth Kery

Gateway to Heaven by Beth Kery
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Life is rough when you-re gorgeous, rich, talented and so sexy the media won-t leave you alone.

It was certainly the truth in Christian Lasher's case. He returns to the neighborhood of his childhood to escape the spotlight, hungering for a change in his creative endeavors. In the midst of his soul searching he meets Megan and is captured by the tantalizing hint of her hidden fires. Megan knows nothing about his wild, rebellious youth or his career as a rock star-and Christian would prefer to keep it that way.

There was much, much more to her than the role of a fragile victim.

Megan Shreve is a sculptor with creative depths and passions that tragedy had forced into the shadows. When she looks into Christian's eyes she sees herself for the first time as an exciting, sexy woman. She longs to discover more of herself in Christian's arms and in his bed.

Two passionate souls destined for one another-unless the stifling roles imposed by tragedy and fame rip them apart.
My Thoughts: I've read several of Beth Kery's books in the past and I really enjoyed both her writing style and her characters (RAWR! to sexy alpha males!) BUT I'm not a big fan of non-paranormal contemporary storylines. So, I went into this one with one eye on the door in case I needed to make a quick escape. Oh, guys. OH, GUYS! This book was outstanding. Christian and Megan's story was lovely and sweet and sad and I'm so, so glad I decided to step outside my werewolf-infested comfort zone and give them a try.

Megan has been shaped by a horrible tragedy that she really doesn't remember. It's defined her and made everyone treat her with kid gloves. Christian, on the other hand, doesn't know about her past. He simply sees someone he desires. To the chagrin of everyone around Megan, he goes after her and for the first time Megan sees that she doesn't have to be chained down by something that happened years and years ago. Of course, things don't go entirely smoothly for the two of them. When Megan finds out that Christian is a rock superstar, she has to deal with her insecurities and the way the media paints him.

A wonderfully written story, Beth Kery has given us characters with depth and heart. I can't tell you how excited I am to play in her world.

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Gateway to Heaven was a free Kindle download I picked up on 04/10/12.


  1. Kelly reads contemporary? O.O Good deal.

    1. No, I really don't. And that's the reason I told you to pick it up. It was goooooood.

    2. Yes. I told you to download it right after I read it and you were all "I'm trying to be careful about picking up new books." and I was all "This one is reeeeeaaaaaaallllllly good. And it's free. Go, GO!" and you went.

    3. I vaguely remember this story. Well, hey! I've got a book to read! Woo hoo!

  2. I'm not generally a fan of rock star stories--though I do like sports star ones--but this one has the elements of the latter that sounds like it would appeal to me. I hope it's still free!

    1. I was surprised by how much I liked it. It worked for me. It worked.

  3. I need to get this one! I am going to read The Backstage Pass series this summer and I bet this would make a nice companion to those!

    Great Review!

    1. I liked how Beth Kery was able to make the characters spring to life. Honestly, the book was less about a Christian being a rockstar and more about 2 people meeting and getting to know one another... and one of them happened to be a rockstar. It worked for me in a big way.